Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Like Father

Rick's parents were out which meant that he could bring Wendy to life once more.  He shaved his body, did his makeup, tied his long hair with a ribbon and slipped into a little maid outfit that he had ordered from the internet.

After a glass of wine he was so turned on he had to masturbate there and then.


After he had finished, he slipped on some pantyhose, and his heels and proceeded to tidy the house liek he had promised his parents.


"Rick!  Is that you.  Why are you dressed like that?"

 "Shit, Mom, Dad, you're early.  I'm err, tidying up.  These are my work clothes."

"And work makeup, and work hair I suppose?"

"Err yes.  I, err, well like to wear these things."

"You look very pretty dear."

"Thanks Mom."

"Your Dad used to look almost as pretty as you when he was your age.  Didn't you Hon?"

"About the same I think Sweety.  You look great son."

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