Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Back from the Party

"That was fun honey.  Everyone at the fancy dress party was convinced I was a girl.  Having to get my cock out to prove it to the judges was a bit embarrassing, but we won a bottle of Champagne.  Could I take these heels off now, they're starting to hurt my feet?"


 "That isn't going to be easy Rich, I have stitched them on.  I didn't want you taking them off at the party, snagging your hose and spoiling the effect."

"Gee, they're really on tight."

"Oh, I put some glue on the locks too."

"How do I get them off honey?  They're locked onto my feet.  I can't get changed without taking them off."

"Oh I don't think you need to worry about getting changed just yet Rich, I've been getting so turned on watching you all evening getting hit on by guys, I want to fuck you as you are.  Get back on the counter, I want your cock in my mouth and your nylons brushing my cheeks.  I don't think I every want to see you as a man again."

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