Wednesday, 1 January 2014

A Birthday Present

"Wake up Ricky.  Here's my birthday present to you now you are 18. I took the liberty of drugging you a few weeks ago and taking you to a surgeon friend of mine. What do you think?"

"Auntie, you've given me titties like yours. They are lovely!"

"I thought you'd like them Ricky dear."

"Oh Auntie, they are beautiful. I'm so happy."

"And I couldn't resist it dear, he had a sale, so I had your tush enlarged too, so you have a lovely hourglass figure."

"Oh Auntie, I don't deserve you."

"So go on Ricky, aren't you going to unwrap them?"

"Can I Auntie.  This is a lovely corset by the way."

"I wanted something to show off the new you, I know you like corsets, but you don't have a pink one like this."

"Oh Auntie, they are just perfect.  They are so soft and so sensitive.  I love them."

"Try the nipples Ricky."

"Oh my!  Auntie, my cock is tingling as I touch them, its amazing.  Are your nipples so sensitive Auntie?"

"All ladies nipples are Ricky."

"I think I need some time alone Auntie."

"Just an hour Ricky, then we are going out to show your new body to the world."

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