Thursday, 2 January 2014

Gone Too Far

This is getting out of hand.  I love to cross-dress and go clubbing when the wife is away, but this guy has brought him home and I just can't resist.  I don't know what's come over me.  I'm so horny.  What would my wife think. 

Oh shit.  He's just poked a hole in the back of my pantyhose.  His finger is going into my bottom.  Oh no.  Oh my that is really quite nice.

"You like that babe?"


Oh god.  I just said I liked it.  I'm encouraging him.  This has gone to far.


"I've really must get off now.  Thanks for a lovely evening."

"Just one more kiss babe."

He's just unzipped my dress right down the back.  It's just me my heels and a pair of pantyhose with a hole in the back.  There goes his finger again.  Lubricated this time, where did that come from - he's a smooth operator.  Two fingers now, that really is very nice.  My cock is getting pretty hard now.

"Hey what at you doing!"

He's pushing me over onto the couch.  Ouch.  His cock has just penetrated my ring.

"Relax babe.  I'm not going to hurt you."

Oh my god this can't be happening.  I'm not gay and there is a guy's cock in my bottom ... and I like it.

"That's nice."

"I knew you'd enjoy it babe.  Hold on, it'll be great for us both."

Escape from Colditz

"Halt!  Ver do you zink you are going Fraulein?"

"Er, I have a ticket to the Switzerland."

 "Vie are looking for an escaped prisoner, haf you seen him?"

"No, sorry sir."

"He ist ein meister of disguise.  Sqn Ldr Villiams has escaped tvice already.  Vunce dressed as a clergymans, vunce as a policeman.  He is short, slim, if you see him please inform das authorities."

"I certainly will sir."

"Danke. You may pass Fraulein."


Sisterly Love


"Your brother is such a dork"

"How can anyone fall for that.  Why would we give him a blow-job if he dressed up as a girl?  What an idiot."
"Stop laughing.  And stop taking photos."

"You are kidding, this is what Facebook is all about."

"You are so mean to me."

The End of Another Political Career

"Please let me go"

"Oh no, I'm taking more photos first.  And besides, you're clearly enjoying yourself."

"I'm not enjoying myself"

"You will be begging me for relief soon.  You only have to say the word, and I will come over there and sit on that cock of yours.  I'll be taking pictures of course."

"I'll be ruined, my political career will be over.  You bitch."

"All I need to to is to start up you butt-plug vibrator like this."

"Mmm, that's so good."

"I'm ready, are you?"

"No, please, no ... yes, fuck me.  I need to cum, fuck me now."

"Not just yet."

"Now.  I need it."

"Just getting the camera rolling."

"Hurry, just hurry, sit on this thing now, I need to cum real bad."


Mike's wife found some pictures he had taken of himself.  She was so angry, she made a greetings card and sent it to all of his friends and work colleagues.

The Theater

Jack had been hypnotized into thinking he was a girl, and for a number of weeks he had been under the impression he was an actress.  He had taken a part in a play as a secretary.  All he had to do was flash his legs a lot and answer the phone.

The house was full, and it was the end of Jack's big scene.  He had just seduced the Mr Smith her boss, the phone went which was supposed to be Mrs Smith, the wife.

"Hello Mr Smith's office."


"Jack, I release you."

That was the key phrase to remove the hypnotic effect.

"What?  Where am ?"

 The audience laughed, Jack started and noticed the audience for the first time.

He sat there frozen.  He couldn't remember his lines, he didn't know how he got here.  He had no idea why he was dressed as a girl and no idea he had such fabulous legs.

He ran off the stage.

"What's wrong Jill?  You forgot your lines?"

"Eh Yes, sorry."

"No worries, you was close enough, and those pins always knock em dead.  See you same time tomorrow."

"Eh Yer, sure."

He took a cab home.  When he got in he found only women's clothes.  He had thrown all of his own away.  He found his script on the table next to a contract.

"$100k a year, that's twice what I was earning.  Jeez.  My ankles look so pretty too in these pantyhose.  I feel so sexy and alive.  Everyone seems to think I'm a girl.  Hell, I like being a girl.  This is going to be so much fun, but I had better learn these lines."

Meanwhile, the hypnotist is taking $100 from his friend in a bar.

"Double hypnosis, I didn't think it possible."

"So this dude was first hypnotized so that he was completely addicted to dressing and passing as a girl.  Next I made him think he actually was a girl."


"Yep, I've removed the girl layer just leaving the cross-dresser; but he'll still never wear man's clothes again.  He'll be getting surgery within a year.  Still, I got him a great job at the theater which will pay for it, and all the clothes."

"You're a genius.  Will you let him go eventually."

"No.  He'll be happier like he is.  Being a cross-dresser is amazing, I've given him something to live for."

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Like Father

Rick's parents were out which meant that he could bring Wendy to life once more.  He shaved his body, did his makeup, tied his long hair with a ribbon and slipped into a little maid outfit that he had ordered from the internet.

After a glass of wine he was so turned on he had to masturbate there and then.


After he had finished, he slipped on some pantyhose, and his heels and proceeded to tidy the house liek he had promised his parents.


"Rick!  Is that you.  Why are you dressed like that?"

 "Shit, Mom, Dad, you're early.  I'm err, tidying up.  These are my work clothes."

"And work makeup, and work hair I suppose?"

"Err yes.  I, err, well like to wear these things."

"You look very pretty dear."

"Thanks Mom."

"Your Dad used to look almost as pretty as you when he was your age.  Didn't you Hon?"

"About the same I think Sweety.  You look great son."

Mother and Son

"What the fuck are you doing dressed like that?"

"Er, Mom, I er, can't really explain."
"That's it - get down to the studio.  I'm sick of it.  Years of snagged pantyhose.  I haven't had a piece of lingerie to call my own since you turned 8 years old.  I've had enough."

"Mom, what are you going to do?"

"Sit down and pose.  I want you to see what you look like."

"There.  Now that's going on your Facebook."

"What!  Mom, no, I'll be a laughing stock.  OK Mom, look, I like wearing these clothes.  I like looking sexy.  It's something I can't explain, but I just have to do it.  Please don't put those pictures on the internet."

"Tell you what son, those boots are amazing."

"You can borrow them if you like Mom, and the corset.  I have lots of things you can borrow."

"Hmm, I can see possibilities here.  Rather than you snagging my nylons, we can go shopping together and share outfits.  You could be like the daughter I always wanted."

"What about Pop?"

"Your father would not understand.  This is between us."

The New Boy

"Ah Jenkins - come in boy."

"Why have you made me dress like this Sir?"

"Jenkins, here at St George's School we train young gentlemen to be leaders of nations, presidents of corporations and generals in the military.  In order to do this we need to build character Jenkins.  In the first year you are expected to dress and act like a woman.  You are to be available to attend formal evenings accompanying senior boys giving them experience in dealing with the opposite er hem sex.  A year being treated like a woman and having keep looking pretty at all times will train you in restraint and discipline.

After a year you will have the choice to proceed to the senior school as a boy, or to transfer to St Mary's school where you will be transformed and made ready for life as a high flying woman.  Your mother and father were both here Jenkins.  How is your mother Tim - er Tina these days Jenkins."

"Mother is very well Sir."

"Pass on my regards next time you see her.  And Jenkins, straighten your seems there a disgrace, and sort out your makeup - you look like a clown.  Get Hargreaves to show you, he's very good."

 "Yes Sir."

A Birthday Present

"Wake up Ricky.  Here's my birthday present to you now you are 18. I took the liberty of drugging you a few weeks ago and taking you to a surgeon friend of mine. What do you think?"

"Auntie, you've given me titties like yours. They are lovely!"

"I thought you'd like them Ricky dear."

"Oh Auntie, they are beautiful. I'm so happy."

"And I couldn't resist it dear, he had a sale, so I had your tush enlarged too, so you have a lovely hourglass figure."

"Oh Auntie, I don't deserve you."

"So go on Ricky, aren't you going to unwrap them?"

"Can I Auntie.  This is a lovely corset by the way."

"I wanted something to show off the new you, I know you like corsets, but you don't have a pink one like this."

"Oh Auntie, they are just perfect.  They are so soft and so sensitive.  I love them."

"Try the nipples Ricky."

"Oh my!  Auntie, my cock is tingling as I touch them, its amazing.  Are your nipples so sensitive Auntie?"

"All ladies nipples are Ricky."

"I think I need some time alone Auntie."

"Just an hour Ricky, then we are going out to show your new body to the world."

The Lover

"So Sweetie, you sit there and watch your incredible sexually frustrated wife get banged senseless by this black guy.  His cock is like nothing I've seen before.  I'm sure when he's finished I'll be stretched so much that your little weener won't even touch the sides.  I'm afraid your are a spectator from now on."


"Honey, please don't let him fuck you.  I love you."

"I love you too Sweetie.  Especially in your new outfit.  Your so pretty.  But I'm afraid I need fucking hard and often and you just can't do that for me.  Now sit there like a good girl and watch."

Back from the Party

"That was fun honey.  Everyone at the fancy dress party was convinced I was a girl.  Having to get my cock out to prove it to the judges was a bit embarrassing, but we won a bottle of Champagne.  Could I take these heels off now, they're starting to hurt my feet?"


 "That isn't going to be easy Rich, I have stitched them on.  I didn't want you taking them off at the party, snagging your hose and spoiling the effect."

"Gee, they're really on tight."

"Oh, I put some glue on the locks too."

"How do I get them off honey?  They're locked onto my feet.  I can't get changed without taking them off."

"Oh I don't think you need to worry about getting changed just yet Rich, I've been getting so turned on watching you all evening getting hit on by guys, I want to fuck you as you are.  Get back on the counter, I want your cock in my mouth and your nylons brushing my cheeks.  I don't think I every want to see you as a man again."

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