Sunday, 7 December 2014

Role Swap

"What the fuck have you done to me?  These are real!"

"Don't you like them - I think they look rather nice.  You're going to love the sensitivity of those nipples."

"I only agreed to crossdress because I thought it turned you on.  Now look.  Fuck, they are enormous.  What am I going to do?  How do I get them off?"

"Get them off?  They are part of you.  Very expensive surgery and months of hormone treatment have made those dear.  I can't wait to fuck you."

"Fuck me - I hope having these is worth it - I'm feeling strangely horny.  At least I can give you a pounding."

"Well - kind of honey.  I've made some other changes - I wanted to change sex and needed a male donor.  It took a bit of getting used to but I'm very happy with your cock.  I can't wait to bury it inside you."

"You mean to say you given me these tits and stolen my cock - and you think you're going to screw me."

"Oh, I know I am.  One press of this remote and you get a massive surge of hormones - look."

"Arggh - oh my god - I need to have sex now.  I must have sex.  Please.  Fuck me fuck me fuck me."

"Hehe.  I didn't realise you would be such a little slut."

"Help - this pussy you've given me - it needs to cum."

"Oh if you insist."

"Mmm please, please - lick my pussy.  I need relief."

"I'll make you cum, but there will be no relief.  You have so much female hormones in you that you will never be satisfied.  You are my little sex toy."

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Husband Helper

"Anne, I have to say, your husband is very understanding.  I can sort of understand the whole crossdressing thing, but having him prepare men for fucking you - that's special."

"Oh - I'm special sir.  Feel my stockings and thigh - that is special isn't it?"


"Are you really a man?  I've never felt skin so soft."

"Quiet Rick - it's me he's going to fuck not you, now get him hard for me."

"OK honey ... I think he's ready for you now."


"Is that comfortable honey?"

"Oh that's perfect Rick, just perfect."

The English Public School

"Jenkins, you are wearing stockings.  You know only prefects are permitted to wear stockings.  You boy are fifth form and must wear pantyhose."

"I know sir, sorry sir, my pantyhose are all in the wash - I borrowed Smith's nylons."

"Not good enough Jenkins.  Remove your top and assume the position."


"Hmm Jenkins.  Your stocking seems are nicely straight.  Perhaps I won't beat you this time.  Kneel boy."

"Thank you sir."


"Jenkins, your hormone treatment is working well.  You have a fine set of breasts developing there.  Now please commence your oral sex practice, you have 15 minutes before Latin and you will need to clean up."

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Auntie's Friends

"Auntie, I like it when you and Sally dress me as a girl; but who are the two men in the lounge?"

"They are friends of ours Ricky.  Now be a good girl and sit on the couch in there and watch Sally and me make them happy."

"Do I have to Auntie, I don't want men to see me like this - they will think I'm a sissy."

"They might Ricky, but then again, you are aren't you.  So it doesn't matter.  Now get in there and sit on the couch."

"OK Auntie."

''You sure he'll play ball Anne?"

"Sure Sally, he's loving it."

"OK boys, This is Ricky, my nephew, he's a little sissy and loves dressing up as a girl."


"Shut up Ricky."

"Hi Ricky, I'm Ted and this is Frank."

"Right boys, we're not going to chat all evening, sit down so we can get you a bit harder." 

"Oh that's it babe, suck my cock.  Look at that Sissy - your Aunt is such a good cock sucker, I hope you are just as good."

"Time for you to suck cock now Ricky."

"No Auntie."

"Open wide."

"Auntie no!  Mmmmphh"

"That's it, now slide over onto Ted's lap."

"Help me raise him up so I can slide into his ass."

"What!  No, help.  Arggghh!  Auntie, help me his cock's gone inside me."

"Don't worry Ricky, come here, kiss Sally and me.  Relax baby, you'll like it."

"Now suck this cock."

"That's it, keep sucking Frank's cock Ricky."


"Anne, Ricky's starting to cum.  Look at that, without even touching his cock.  You are right, he's a proper sissy.  We're going to have such fun with him."

Sunday, 19 October 2014

A Plan Revealed

"Auntie - I've really enjoyed my day as a girl.  I love wearing these silky clothes.  I can't wait to do it again.  These heels are starting to hurt a little though.  Can I take them off please."

"No Ricky dear - you may not take your shoes off.  They are so pretty, and besides make your pantyhose will run if you walked without them."

"I suppose do Auntie."

"When you say do it again Ricky, what do you mean exactly?"

"Well, next time I visit you Auntie, I'd like to dress up like this again.  It makes me feel so pretty."

"But Ricky, you will always be a girl from now on.  I thought we agreed." 

"No Auntie, we didn't agree.  I said I always wondered what it would be like to be a girl.  I am going back to high school tomorrow."

"Ricky dear, I told them you will not be back.  We are turning you into a girl.  You will be a girl in a few months - I have started the hormone treatment already - haven't you notice your skin getting softer."

"Auntie - no - I am a boy.  Help me out of these shoes.  They won't undo.  Auntie."

"They are glued on Ricky dear - we did it to stop you from doing anything silly.  You can't run far in them."

"Please Auntie - I'm scared now."

"Your mother and I cannot bear to see you as a weak little boy getting bullied.  You are a real sissy you know - a weakling - you will grow up to be a weak man.  What sort of man would be sitting in a park wearing pantyhose and heels, a fabulous dress and a makeover?  What sort of man would enjoy it?"

"Auntie - you wanted me to dress like this."

"And you wanted it too Ricky, or you wouldn't be sitting there.  Look, you are flunking high school, you have no prospects.  We are giving you a new start Ricky.  It's for your own good.  You make a wonderful girl, you're pretty enough to be a model.  Now stop messing around trying to get those shoes off and come with me.  We have some shopping to do.  Then a trip to my plastic surgeon to start work."

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A Strange Threesome

"Psst honey.  I know we decided to go out as two girls and that was fun.

and I know you wanted to pick up this guy, which was exciting.

But now we're in this hotel room and you're hovering over this huge cock I think things have gone too far."

"I want to fuck this cock honey."

"It's so big, I afraid it will hurt you."

"Don't worry honey, I want it, keep me wet play with my clit.  I'm going down on it.  Mmmmph, oh my, that is amazing."

"Be careful honey."

"I'm not going to break.  That's your problem.  You have a little cock and are too gentle."

"Come here sister, let me suck your pussy while I nail your friend."

"Ooh - what are we going to do now?"

"I don't care - I just want this to last forever - I'm about to have my first real orgasm for years.  Kiss me and play with my tits - and for God sake be rough."

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

An Unusual Date

"Ah Miss Smith, please take a seat, I won't be long, just getting changed.  I'm going to be taking you out tonight."

"Mr Jones, I've told you many times, I'm a lesbian, I only date girls."


"Ah there you are.  Don't mind waiting for me to change.  Did you know I cross-dressed?"

"Errr No.  So you want to take me out dressed like that?"

"Yep.  Let's run through the plus points.  I have great legs, and I'm as pretty as heck, I'm paying and I have a real cock.  Interested?"

"More curious.  But yes, interested."

"Great.  I know this little Italian place 2 blocks from here.  Let me reserve a table and we can walk it - I love walking in heels don't you?"

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