Friday, 6 December 2013

Man Trap

A Guided Tour around ManTrap's Hospital

Here at ManTrap we use the latest surgical and hypnosis techniques to ensure that dangerous and violent men become placing and useful women in society.

ManTrap are now being used by the US Penal Service to reduce the growing prison population.

Here we see Zoe - as a man he was a serious sex offender and all-round waster.

"Zoe - tell me about your self."

 "My name is Zoe.  I like clothes,  makeup and boys.  I love wearing pantyhose and short skirts."

"Zoe, sit down and tell us what its like to be a girl."

"I love being a girl so much.  My body is so sensitive, I'm so pretty.  I just want to be fucked and fucked hard.  Can you let me start meeting boys yet ... please?"

"Not yet Zoe - you are still recovering from a lot of major surgery."

"What surgery?  I don't remember being sick - I can't remember anything really."

"You have had an accident dear.  You are going to be better very soon though.  Now Zoe, show us your sexy tush."

"Certainly, I have a great body and love to show it off."

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