Saturday, 28 December 2013

A New Life

"Anne, your husband's got a hard-on watching you suck my dick.  What a sissy."

 "You might as well face it bud, this is how things are going to be from now on.  She can't get enough of my cock.  Look at her, she loves it."

"Let me have my clothes back honey.  I don't want to stay here any longer."

"Can't you see she's busy bud.  Look, we've burned your man clothes, you're a girl now.  Our little sissy slave.  You get to tidy the house and watch me bang your wife whenever I like.  You've seen the new clothes we bought you.  Now be quite, I'm just about to cum on her face."

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Cuckold Sissy

"That's good - harder.  Are you watching this honey?  What do you think about another guy fucking your wife while to sit there like a sissy?"


"Please don't hurt her Mr."

"Take no notice of my husband.  He thought he just had to stick in that little cock of his and I would cum.  You never made me cum honey.  Not once.  Carry on watching and learn.  Now you will excuse me but I need to concentrate.  That's it, but much harder."


Michael found the whole thing strange at first.  He was a doorman at the local brothel, but when their domme called in sick, they asked him to dress as a girl and cover.  He just had to sit there and let guys kiss his feet.  They had no idea he was a guy.  He was actually beginning to enjoy it.  He had never been worshiped before.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Man Talk

"But David, I still don't understand why you are dressed like this.  Is it for a bet?  Are you gay?"

"Dad, I'm not gay, and its not for a bet.  I like it, I like to dress like this.  I like to look pretty.  I like boys to look at me and want to get to know me.  I like being popular.  Like this I am a pretty girl that everyone wants to know, as David I am some nerdy boy who just gets bullied.  I like girls dad, but I also like being a girl."

A Little Help From Mother

"Mummy, why do I have to dress like a girl?"

"That's because you are a little sissy girl Ricky.  I caught you wearing my pantyhose remember?"

"But Mummy, I was just curious about how it felt to wear them."

"That's a secret that only girls should know Ricky, so now you must be a girl.  Boys can't go around knowing how sexy they make girls feel when they wear nylons, how soft and smooth they feel.  You have learned that secret and must pay the price Ricky."

"But mummy, they will laugh at me at school if I dress like a girl."

"We'll change school Ricky, then you can start as a girl.  It's going to be such fun having a daughter.  Now you must keep that corset on to stop you eating too much and spoiling your figure, and you must learn to keep your make-up perfect at all times."


Friday, 6 December 2013

Man Trap

A Guided Tour around ManTrap's Hospital

Here at ManTrap we use the latest surgical and hypnosis techniques to ensure that dangerous and violent men become placing and useful women in society.

ManTrap are now being used by the US Penal Service to reduce the growing prison population.

Here we see Zoe - as a man he was a serious sex offender and all-round waster.

"Zoe - tell me about your self."

 "My name is Zoe.  I like clothes,  makeup and boys.  I love wearing pantyhose and short skirts."

"Zoe, sit down and tell us what its like to be a girl."

"I love being a girl so much.  My body is so sensitive, I'm so pretty.  I just want to be fucked and fucked hard.  Can you let me start meeting boys yet ... please?"

"Not yet Zoe - you are still recovering from a lot of major surgery."

"What surgery?  I don't remember being sick - I can't remember anything really."

"You have had an accident dear.  You are going to be better very soon though.  Now Zoe, show us your sexy tush."

"Certainly, I have a great body and love to show it off."

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