Thursday, 5 September 2013

Ricky's First Prom

Richard had been raised as a little sissy by his Aunt after his parents had died in a road accident.  His Aunt found him when he was very young wearing her underwear and had from that moment encouraged him to dress as a little girl when he liked.

He was now 16 and his Aunt had made him promise that at this age he would go to the school prom as a girl.  He hadn't worried when he first agreed, but as his 16th birthday arrived, he realized that his promise would have to be honoured.  He was very scared, but also aroused by the prospect of going out as a girl for the first time.  Sure he would be teased by the other kids; but he didn't like them much and they teased him anyway.

His Aunt made a wonderful job of his makeup and had bought very expensive underwear and a very pretty dress.  

"You will be the belle or the ball", his Aunt said.

"I do look very pretty Auntie, I hope I don't get teased too much."

"Nonsense Ricky darling, I think you will be very popular.  Now here is the cab, you have a lovely time."

It was gone midnight when he returned.

"Auntie, I've brought a friend home.  This is Mike, he was really kind all evening and has driven me home."

"That's very kind of him.  Look, I'll go to bed to let you two make out."

"Make out Auntie, I wasn't expecting that."

"Ricky, if a boy brings you home from a dance the least you should do is suck his dick.  Now you two have fun."

"But Auntie."

"Good night Ricky, good night Mike.  For goodness sake have fun both of you."

"I like your Aunt Ricky.  I still can't believe you're a guy though.  I don't mind, you have such a pretty face and legs."

"Thanks Mike.  Doesn't it worry you I don't have titties?  Although Auntie said I can have some soon."

"Your Auntie is cool Ricky.  I can't wait."

"Oh Mike, that feels lovely."

"Your legs are amazing Ricky.  These pantyhose are so soft and smooth."

"They're very expensive Mike, don't snag them."

"What are you doing Mike.  You're scaring me now."

"I want to see all of your legs Ricky.  I want to run my hands all over them."

"Oh Mike - that feels so good."

"Ricky, your cock is really quite small even when its hard."

"Auntie said it has to be turned into a pussy very soon.  I'm a little scared about that.  Mike you've torn my pantyhose!"

"Just so I can suck your little cock Ricky."

"Oh shit Mike, that's real good, I'm going to cum right away."

"There, you can do the same for me now Ricky."

"Oh Mike, that was really lovely.  Will you do it again in a little while.

"Sure Ricky, do me first though."

"Oh Mike, your cock is enormous."

"Yer, and you're going to put it in your mouth."

"I really want to Mike."

"That's it, lick the tip then suck it deep into your mouth."

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