Saturday, 15 June 2013

Resistance was Futile

"Young Paul Smith, I've called you into my office because I have been watching you for the last couple of weeks.  Finally to are accepting your place hear.  Finally you are behaving like a good girl rather than the bad boy you should have left behind when you were sent here.  You seem to have mastered your heels, your hair is nice and getting long and your make-up is very nice."

"Thank you Miss"

"I think it might be time."

"Stand up Paul."

"Yes Miss."

"Now you were a bad boy in the past, and this is why you came to this school as a last chance.  You have taken longer than any boy to accept our training, but finally I think you are making good progress.     Good, lovely silky panties under your skirt.  You are now choosing to wear them."

"Yes Miss, you were right, they are so much more comfortable than boy's shorts."

"Do you like my nylon stockings Paul?"

"Oh yes Miss, they are beautiful."

"Kneel down Paul and touch them."

"Miss.  May I really?"

"Yes Paul go ahead."

"Oh Miss, they are the smoothest thing I have ever touched."

"Would you like to wear stockings from now on Paul?  Lovely shiny black ones to match you uniform."

"Oh Miss, yes please."

"We will have to increase you pills to keep your legs and skin nice and smooth too."

"Oh Miss, if my legs could feel like yours anything."

"That's a good boy, nobody can resist feminization forever, you must accept your fate and let embrace the wonderful things you are going to experience as a woman."

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