Sunday, 23 June 2013

Georgie's First Time

"Auntie, please no.  All I want to do is look pretty."

"Nonsense Georgie, now relax and enjoy yourself.  This is why girls make themselves pretty, to made big hunky guys like Peter here want to fuck them."

"But, Auntie, I like pretty girls."

"But Georgie dear, pretty girls don't like sissies like you.  You have chosen your life, now hold yourself open and relax dear.  Now Peter - push hard, he has relaxed a little."

"Arrgh, Auntie, he is so big.  I feel so helpless and vulnerable, please make him be gentle."

"No Georgie, Peter here is going to fuck you like a rag doll, sluts like you want to be fucked hard.  You will love it."

"I'm not a slut Auntie."

"You will be after this Georgie, you will beg Peter not to stop before long."

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