Sunday, 21 April 2013

Out for a Walk

"Mummy, its very hard to walk on this uneven ground in these shoes"

"Nonsense darling, it just takes a little practice.  It will strengthen your ankles and make them a pretty shape for the boys to look at."

"I don't want boys to look at my ankles Mummy.  They laugh and tease me when I wear pretty dresses, they are very unkind."

"It's because they are jealous darling.  Now hurry up, we need to get the house tidy and dinner ready for when the men return."

"Why do my big brothers and Daddy not have to wear dresses Mummy."

"Because you the youngest and most delicate dear.  You have no sisters, so you have to be the girl of the family.  It stands to reason."

"I suppose so Mummy.  I do like looking pretty."

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