Sunday, 21 April 2013

Working Late

"Excuse me Miss, are you supposed to be here?"

"Richard!  Shit, I heard you like to crossdress, but shit, this is incredible."

"Oh Hi Alex.  You like my little outfit then?"

"This is too freaky Richard, I've never seen legs like those."

"You like what you see?"

"Yes, but I'm not gay."

"Call be Rachael Alex, I'm the girl of your dreams and I just love anal sex."

"Sheila has never let me fuck her arse R..Rachael.  It's always been a fantasy of mine."

"Hang on Alex, that's the telephone..."

"Hello, Alex Black's office .... I'm afraid Alex is busy right now..."

"Ah hello Mrs Black, this is Richard.  Alex is going to be working quite late tonight with me I think.  I have something on here at the moment and Alex wants to give it his full attention.  Goodnight Mrs Black."

"OK Alex, it's just you and me.  My long sexy nylon encased legs are probably the smoothest things your hands will ever touch ..."

"... I want you to take my tight little asshole over this desk."

Out for a Walk

"Mummy, its very hard to walk on this uneven ground in these shoes"

"Nonsense darling, it just takes a little practice.  It will strengthen your ankles and make them a pretty shape for the boys to look at."

"I don't want boys to look at my ankles Mummy.  They laugh and tease me when I wear pretty dresses, they are very unkind."

"It's because they are jealous darling.  Now hurry up, we need to get the house tidy and dinner ready for when the men return."

"Why do my big brothers and Daddy not have to wear dresses Mummy."

"Because you the youngest and most delicate dear.  You have no sisters, so you have to be the girl of the family.  It stands to reason."

"I suppose so Mummy.  I do like looking pretty."

Friday, 19 April 2013

A Change in Life

Jim could only mumble in his gag as his wife took hundreds of photos of him in his predicament.

She had walked into their home when they both should have been at work, he was dressed up as a pretty girl, she was bringing her boss home to let him fuck her senseless.

Her boss easily overpowered Jim in his heels and corset, and tied him up.

After the photo shoot, Jim has to watch his wife have sex like he could never give her.

Jim knew his life had changed forever.

John in a Jam

"Admit it John, you love your new look."

"Untie me please, these ropes are hurting me."

"John, it's pretty obvious that this is turning you on so I've arranged a little treat for you."

"Please let me go, I don't know why I've got such a boner."

"It's because you're a little sissy crossdresser darling.  Just admit it and we can have so much fun."

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Wife's New Friend

"He's still got that little hard-on Katie.  How did you put up with a little cock like this?"

"I used to fake it Bill, look force it into that chastity device, we're going out in 15 minutes, I don't want his jerking off all the time we're out."

"Make sure the place is tidy when we get home Buddy, and turn down the bed.  I'm going to be banging your wife all night - isn't that right Katie."

"I hope so Bill.  Now stop playing with her and get ready, we're going to be late."

Sunday, 14 April 2013

An Evening to Remember

"Hey Honey, Huff and Puff on little red riding hood.  I'm really digging this outfit, you've done a great job."

"No Rick, you'll cum all over this wolf costumes fur.  I promise you a great fuck when you get back from the party."

Quite a few Jack Daniels and several strange looking cigarettes later Rick returned home with his wife and a couple of new friends.  His wife grabbed a camera, she couldn't wait until Rick was sober again so that she could show him what a slut he is when he is stoned.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Start of Tim's Journey

"But Mummy, all the boys will laugh at me if I wear this to the fancy dress party."

"Nonsense Timmy, you look a real sweetie - you will be very popular."

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