Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Inner Lady

William had found the InnerLady website compelling. It promised the cross-dressing experience of a lifetime. They would spend 3 days pampering and feminizing you, then 4 days of role play where the lucky lady takes turns to be one of a selection including being a maid, nurse, secretary, bride, even a ballerina. They would then live these roles with actor and other customers and be treated as their inner lady wanted to be treated. The final 2 days were spent re-masculating the client so that they could return to their male lives unchanged in appearance.

The entry requirements were very strict. He had to lose 20 lbs before they would allow him to attend, so over the course of 6 months he dieted. He had been meaning to lose weight. He still liked to cross dress but didn't like seeing his overweight self in the mirror, so had stopped making up and wearing wigs. Now he was once again able to enjoy himself in makeup and was glad to see the return of Wendy's familiar and pretty face.

When he arrived, InnerLady was a large mansion miles from anywhere. If had a large secluded garden and was full of elegant ladies walking through the grounds. He wondered how they could afford so many staff, but in truth, these were mainly clients. His treatment started straight away, he was waxed all over and had his eyebrows plucked. He then began the skin softening treatment. By bedtime he was starving, but dinner consisted of a small drink of fruit juice. He was also a little concerned that his wife would notice his smooth skin and eyebrows, but he was assured that their re-masculating stage used undetectably false hair that would fall out as the genuine hair regrew.

After a day of sitting in a tub of body lotion watching instructional videos on deportment and having voice coaching he emerged from the tub with puffy, super soft skin. His skin was almost padded, very sensitive and very feminine.

Day 3 of the feminizing process involved applying the prosthetic breasts, butt, hips, pussy and hair. The breasts were special in that an array of little electrodes were first glued to the wearer's nipples. These relayed small electrical pulses as the breast-form's nipples were touched. Even through a bra, a simple brush against something would relay wonderful tingles. The InnerLady didn't use wigs as such, they applied real hair directly to the head. This gave a much more natural look and was much cooler to wear. The glue used for all of this was very strong and the re-masculating phase used special solvents to remove it. The joins in the prosthetics were filled with a jelly-like substance, then an aerosol was chosen that perfectly matched the natural skin tone. This aerosol was like an ultra-thin but very strong and flexible latex skin than hid the joins so perfectly that even the wearer could not detect where his own skin ended and the latex began.

Day 4, and William, or Wendy as he was now called, had chosen to be a secretary for the day. He had a 2 hour professional make-over, was given some very smooth barely black pantyhose, black pumps and a little black dress. He was also given some glasses that would complete the look of the sultry, but business-like and efficient secretary. Wendy's role was very simple, she was to type up notes from a meeting her boss had had and answer the phone. Later than evening her boss would take her to a restaurant to take notes of an idea he had.

He had read the just read the notes and was preparing to settle down to the typewriter when the telephone rang.

"Hello, Mr Jones' office", he said in a very feminine voice.

"You look very pretty William", said the unmistakable voice of his wife.

"Er, I think you have the wrong number."

"William, don't be silly - I can see you now.  I'm on the other side of the big mirror across the room.  I love those legs, those pantyhose are just perfect on you."

William was panicing now.

"William dear, InnerLady told me you were coming here and I have been following your feminization with interest.  If fact, I wanted it all to be permanent so at the end of day 3 I asked the team here to use hormones and surgery instead of prosthetics.  You have been here 6 months under sedation.  You are a woman now dear.  It's what we both have really wanted, you was a closet transvestite, I was a lesbian in denial.  We are both free now darling."


  1. Congratulations - greta story, Wendy. Where s the mansion?
    Love M

  2. Nice, a fantasy we all can appreciate.

  3. Indeed Michelle. Very nicely done. I'd love to change professions these days as well. A job where I can get fucked and appreciate it, rather than the job I have now, where I just get fucked and wonder why. Lmfao

  4. I like this story I wish it happen to me I wont be women 24/7
    I like the dress they look good I wish I was a woman know can somebody help me


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