Sunday, 3 March 2013

Discovered by Step-Father

Mike's secret was out.  His step-father had returned unexpectedly to find him dressed in his mother's clothes, fully made up and wearing one of her wigs.

His stepfather walked behind him and pulled him close.  He could feel his step-father's cock slowly growing hard in his trousers and felt him rubbing it on his bare arse cheeks.

His stepfather now reached round and started to play with Mike's cock.  To his disgust and embarrassment his cock responded.

"P-p-please Jim, let me go and get changed.  Don't tell Mum."

"Oh Mike, if you don't want me to tell Mum, you're going to have to be nice to me."

Mike's step-father pulled the blouse from him, then man-handled him to the floor.  Mike was wearing a very tight waist cincher that made it very difficult to resist or get up.  He then felt one and then two wet fingers sliding into his anus, he tried to resist, but he wasn't string enough.

Then with a sudden pain he felt a huge cock enter him.  He gasped in pain.

"No, please, don't"

"Relax Mike, it won't hurt if you relax."

Mike couldn't believe he was being fucked like a girl.  His cock was so hard, he needed to cum, but was too embarrassed to touch it.

"Go on Mike, start to jerk off, you won't believe how good it is with a cock up your arse."

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