Thursday, 7 March 2013


James tried to pull his skirt back down to cover his rapidly growing cock.

"Please stop" he whimpered as two guys who has ambushed him as he opened his hotel room after an exciting walk up and down the corridor in stockings and heels and a pretty black dress.

"I think he likes having his cock stroked by a man Sam."

"I don't, now leave my room."

"He certainly does Dave, look at that boner.  Bet he want's to suck my dick too."

"Bet he wants to suck both of our dicks Sam."

James was getting very scared now.

"Come on fellers, a joke's a joke, leave my room now please."

"Not a joke sweet lips.  On your knees, we both have dicks almost as hard as yours and we need relief from those lovely painted lips of yours."

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