Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Family Connections

"Come on Hon, I'm ready for you.  I have to say I'm really enjoying your idea of experimenting with cross dressing."

"Nearly ready darling, make yourself good and hard for me."

"You bet Honey."

"Close your eyes .... OK open then"


"Hi son, you're looking hot.  Don't mind us, I'm going to bang this sexy little wife of yours." 

"Dad, Honey - stop.  Shit!  Dad I'm not a tranny - honey!"

"Now be quite darling and keep wanking.  Of course you are a tranny, you became one the moment you started enjoying wearing those nylons.  Since then your makeup is too perfect to be anything else.  You walk too well in those heels and you keep your legs shaved too smooth.  You my dear are very much a tranny, and you are going to watch your father bang my brains out."

"My boy a tranny - and a cuckold - you sicken me son.  Now let me show you how I bang your mother.  Come on you slut get down and spread them wide."

"Fuck your Dad is good, why don't cocks like this run in the family.  Come on darling, stroke that cock of yours - you don't want to make Daddy think you're impotent as well as a cross dressing sissy."

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I love to wear stockings. Nylons against silky smooth shaven legs is probably the most erotic thing in the world. Walking outside in them under a skirt feels fantastic.