Saturday, 28 December 2013

A New Life

"Anne, your husband's got a hard-on watching you suck my dick.  What a sissy."

 "You might as well face it bud, this is how things are going to be from now on.  She can't get enough of my cock.  Look at her, she loves it."

"Let me have my clothes back honey.  I don't want to stay here any longer."

"Can't you see she's busy bud.  Look, we've burned your man clothes, you're a girl now.  Our little sissy slave.  You get to tidy the house and watch me bang your wife whenever I like.  You've seen the new clothes we bought you.  Now be quite, I'm just about to cum on her face."

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Cuckold Sissy

"That's good - harder.  Are you watching this honey?  What do you think about another guy fucking your wife while to sit there like a sissy?"


"Please don't hurt her Mr."

"Take no notice of my husband.  He thought he just had to stick in that little cock of his and I would cum.  You never made me cum honey.  Not once.  Carry on watching and learn.  Now you will excuse me but I need to concentrate.  That's it, but much harder."


Michael found the whole thing strange at first.  He was a doorman at the local brothel, but when their domme called in sick, they asked him to dress as a girl and cover.  He just had to sit there and let guys kiss his feet.  They had no idea he was a guy.  He was actually beginning to enjoy it.  He had never been worshiped before.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Man Talk

"But David, I still don't understand why you are dressed like this.  Is it for a bet?  Are you gay?"

"Dad, I'm not gay, and its not for a bet.  I like it, I like to dress like this.  I like to look pretty.  I like boys to look at me and want to get to know me.  I like being popular.  Like this I am a pretty girl that everyone wants to know, as David I am some nerdy boy who just gets bullied.  I like girls dad, but I also like being a girl."

A Little Help From Mother

"Mummy, why do I have to dress like a girl?"

"That's because you are a little sissy girl Ricky.  I caught you wearing my pantyhose remember?"

"But Mummy, I was just curious about how it felt to wear them."

"That's a secret that only girls should know Ricky, so now you must be a girl.  Boys can't go around knowing how sexy they make girls feel when they wear nylons, how soft and smooth they feel.  You have learned that secret and must pay the price Ricky."

"But mummy, they will laugh at me at school if I dress like a girl."

"We'll change school Ricky, then you can start as a girl.  It's going to be such fun having a daughter.  Now you must keep that corset on to stop you eating too much and spoiling your figure, and you must learn to keep your make-up perfect at all times."


Friday, 6 December 2013

Man Trap

A Guided Tour around ManTrap's Hospital

Here at ManTrap we use the latest surgical and hypnosis techniques to ensure that dangerous and violent men become placing and useful women in society.

ManTrap are now being used by the US Penal Service to reduce the growing prison population.

Here we see Zoe - as a man he was a serious sex offender and all-round waster.

"Zoe - tell me about your self."

 "My name is Zoe.  I like clothes,  makeup and boys.  I love wearing pantyhose and short skirts."

"Zoe, sit down and tell us what its like to be a girl."

"I love being a girl so much.  My body is so sensitive, I'm so pretty.  I just want to be fucked and fucked hard.  Can you let me start meeting boys yet ... please?"

"Not yet Zoe - you are still recovering from a lot of major surgery."

"What surgery?  I don't remember being sick - I can't remember anything really."

"You have had an accident dear.  You are going to be better very soon though.  Now Zoe, show us your sexy tush."

"Certainly, I have a great body and love to show it off."

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Ricky's First Prom

Richard had been raised as a little sissy by his Aunt after his parents had died in a road accident.  His Aunt found him when he was very young wearing her underwear and had from that moment encouraged him to dress as a little girl when he liked.

He was now 16 and his Aunt had made him promise that at this age he would go to the school prom as a girl.  He hadn't worried when he first agreed, but as his 16th birthday arrived, he realized that his promise would have to be honoured.  He was very scared, but also aroused by the prospect of going out as a girl for the first time.  Sure he would be teased by the other kids; but he didn't like them much and they teased him anyway.

His Aunt made a wonderful job of his makeup and had bought very expensive underwear and a very pretty dress.  

"You will be the belle or the ball", his Aunt said.

"I do look very pretty Auntie, I hope I don't get teased too much."

"Nonsense Ricky darling, I think you will be very popular.  Now here is the cab, you have a lovely time."

It was gone midnight when he returned.

"Auntie, I've brought a friend home.  This is Mike, he was really kind all evening and has driven me home."

"That's very kind of him.  Look, I'll go to bed to let you two make out."

"Make out Auntie, I wasn't expecting that."

"Ricky, if a boy brings you home from a dance the least you should do is suck his dick.  Now you two have fun."

"But Auntie."

"Good night Ricky, good night Mike.  For goodness sake have fun both of you."

"I like your Aunt Ricky.  I still can't believe you're a guy though.  I don't mind, you have such a pretty face and legs."

"Thanks Mike.  Doesn't it worry you I don't have titties?  Although Auntie said I can have some soon."

"Your Auntie is cool Ricky.  I can't wait."

"Oh Mike, that feels lovely."

"Your legs are amazing Ricky.  These pantyhose are so soft and smooth."

"They're very expensive Mike, don't snag them."

"What are you doing Mike.  You're scaring me now."

"I want to see all of your legs Ricky.  I want to run my hands all over them."

"Oh Mike - that feels so good."

"Ricky, your cock is really quite small even when its hard."

"Auntie said it has to be turned into a pussy very soon.  I'm a little scared about that.  Mike you've torn my pantyhose!"

"Just so I can suck your little cock Ricky."

"Oh shit Mike, that's real good, I'm going to cum right away."

"There, you can do the same for me now Ricky."

"Oh Mike, that was really lovely.  Will you do it again in a little while.

"Sure Ricky, do me first though."

"Oh Mike, your cock is enormous."

"Yer, and you're going to put it in your mouth."

"I really want to Mike."

"That's it, lick the tip then suck it deep into your mouth."

Sunday, 25 August 2013


"George, you and your friend Jeff have been working hard studying, I've brought you a nice cup of coffee ..... what the fuck!"

"Mum, knock before you come into my room."

"George!  What are you dressed like that for, and why are you both wearing makeup?"

"Well if you must know Mum, Jeff is about to fuck me.  Thanks for the coffee."

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Georgie's First Time

"Auntie, please no.  All I want to do is look pretty."

"Nonsense Georgie, now relax and enjoy yourself.  This is why girls make themselves pretty, to made big hunky guys like Peter here want to fuck them."

"But, Auntie, I like pretty girls."

"But Georgie dear, pretty girls don't like sissies like you.  You have chosen your life, now hold yourself open and relax dear.  Now Peter - push hard, he has relaxed a little."

"Arrgh, Auntie, he is so big.  I feel so helpless and vulnerable, please make him be gentle."

"No Georgie, Peter here is going to fuck you like a rag doll, sluts like you want to be fucked hard.  You will love it."

"I'm not a slut Auntie."

"You will be after this Georgie, you will beg Peter not to stop before long."

Saturday, 22 June 2013

From Peter to Jayne Part 1.

"Kneel down there for me Peter, I have something to tell you."

"OK Honey, but you know ... I feel very tired all of a sudden."

"Peter, since you started cross-dressing for me, you have started to really enjoy it."

"*Yawn* Well yes Honey, I love the feel of the silky materials on my skin, it's so sexy."

"Peter, it's time we take it to the next level.  I have drugged you, and when you wake up I will have removed your tiny little cock and given you a lovely pussy and big plumb breasts."

"Honey, No!  I'm a guy, we have fun playing dress-up, but I'm a guy."

"Rest Peter, when you wake up you will be Jayne.  sweet dreams."

Saturday, 15 June 2013

A Shortcut

"What a headache, the last thing Pete could remember was taking a shortcut through the graveyard at 2am and finding a group of women performing some form of ceremony.  He felt kinda funny, but didn't think he was hurt, he could feel the sun on his face and legs as he stirred."

Resistance was Futile

"Young Paul Smith, I've called you into my office because I have been watching you for the last couple of weeks.  Finally to are accepting your place hear.  Finally you are behaving like a good girl rather than the bad boy you should have left behind when you were sent here.  You seem to have mastered your heels, your hair is nice and getting long and your make-up is very nice."

"Thank you Miss"

"I think it might be time."

"Stand up Paul."

"Yes Miss."

"Now you were a bad boy in the past, and this is why you came to this school as a last chance.  You have taken longer than any boy to accept our training, but finally I think you are making good progress.     Good, lovely silky panties under your skirt.  You are now choosing to wear them."

"Yes Miss, you were right, they are so much more comfortable than boy's shorts."

"Do you like my nylon stockings Paul?"

"Oh yes Miss, they are beautiful."

"Kneel down Paul and touch them."

"Miss.  May I really?"

"Yes Paul go ahead."

"Oh Miss, they are the smoothest thing I have ever touched."

"Would you like to wear stockings from now on Paul?  Lovely shiny black ones to match you uniform."

"Oh Miss, yes please."

"We will have to increase you pills to keep your legs and skin nice and smooth too."

"Oh Miss, if my legs could feel like yours anything."

"That's a good boy, nobody can resist feminization forever, you must accept your fate and let embrace the wonderful things you are going to experience as a woman."

Saturday, 8 June 2013

First Time for Everything

"Yuk Auntie, make him stop"

"No Georgie, if you want to be a real girl you need to have experience hot cum being shot over your face.

"Please Auntie, I love the pretty clothes, but cum is all sticky and horrid."

"Now Michael, let this little sissy have it."

The Challenge

The challenge was this.  Simply walk 1 mile through the town as a woman having been transformed by a new temporary genetic technique.  The prize is $250m.

The first catch is that if they orgasm, their genetic balance is flipped and the transformation becomes permanent.  The second catch is that they have a small vibrator locked in place so they require all their willpower to avoid the permanent change.

Many have taken the challenge.  None have yet succeeded.

Forced to Watch

"Don't stand there crying, look at me.  Look at your wife being fucked.  Watch ... me ... cum ..... arrgghh!!  

Admit it Hon ... you're loving watching me get fucked while you stand there in my underwear made up like a whore... fuck I'm cumming again ...  hmmmmpharrggh ... keep watching this Hon, he's good.  

You can go to the bathroom once we've finished and see to that hard little cock of yours.  But don't get changed, I have other ... plans for you ...  

Mmmm, ... can you believe it I think I'm going to orgasm again ... look me in the eye and watch me cum.  Do it.  ...  Arrrgggghhh."

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Ready for School

"Michael!!!  What are you doing wearing your sister's clothes again.  And this time her makeup and my wig!"

"Oh Hi Mum.  What do you think?  Nice eh?"

"I told you that the next time I found you wearing girls clothes I'd make you go to school in them."

"That's right Mum.  I'm ready.  I've decided that this is what I want to look like and I don't care who doesn't like it.  So let's go or I'll be late."

Sunday, 12 May 2013

An Aunt's Desire

"So Richard, now that you have finally agreed to dressing properly, do you like it?"

"I feel a bit silly Auntie.  Auntie, I really love your titties."

"Richard, you can touch them if you like, but remember if you do then you will have to agree to have some of your own just like these."

"Oh Auntie, I'll try not to touch them in that case, I don't think boys are supposed to have titties are they?"

"Special pretty ones do Richard.  Boys with lovely soft silky legs like yours now I have taken off those nasty hairs.  Have you felt my legs Richard, in these stockings."

"Auntie, may I touch them."

"Of course, kiss me Richard."

"Oh Auntie, your legs are so soft.  My peenie is getting so big."

That's good Richard because I want you to fuck me."

"I've never fucked before Auntie."

"You'll soon learn Richard.  Once you fuck me though, you must let me fuck you."


"I'm afraid I've changed my mind Simon.  I would like to dress you up and send you on an errand for me."

"Yes Mistress"

"It's a tutu, please, I'm a gimp not a tranny."


"Do what you are fucking told."

"Yes Mistress."

"Now because you have answered back, you can sit outside until I call you back in."


"It's fucking amazing Mike, look at this pathetic specimen of a man.  What does she see in him?"

"I know Peter.  He might be her boss, but he's certainly no looker."

"You are in big trouble you miserable little man.  Nobody gets away with fucking my wife.  NOBODY!"

"You're Sue's husband!  She said you were some kind of crossdressing sissy."

"Oh I crossdress, but I'm no sissy and you are about to find out."

"Michael here is also a cross dresser, and is also far from being a sissy.  We are going to ... persuade you to leave my wife alone."

"You won't get away with this, I'll tell the cops."

"Didn't she tell you?  We are the cops.  And if you want to explain away the surveillance camera footage we have of you picking us up then that's fine.  We have enough evidence to have you sacked by your company and locked up.  But we're going to let you go ... after I have had a little revenge.  Stand up!"

"Now, THIS is for fucking my wife.


"On the floor!"

"You think he's got the idea Peter?"

"I think he's starting to.  THIS is to remind you not to mess around with a cops wife."


"OK.  I'll break it off with her."

"You don't have the choice I'm afraid.  I'm going to leave you now.  I have to get changed to go home.  I'll leave you in the capable hands of Mike.  Mike has this thing about fucking straight guys. "


"Oh yes.  I'm afraid he's about to bang your little butt.  You'll not forget this in a hurry, I'm told he's very good.  Enjoy yourselves."

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Working Late

"Excuse me Miss, are you supposed to be here?"

"Richard!  Shit, I heard you like to crossdress, but shit, this is incredible."

"Oh Hi Alex.  You like my little outfit then?"

"This is too freaky Richard, I've never seen legs like those."

"You like what you see?"

"Yes, but I'm not gay."

"Call be Rachael Alex, I'm the girl of your dreams and I just love anal sex."

"Sheila has never let me fuck her arse R..Rachael.  It's always been a fantasy of mine."

"Hang on Alex, that's the telephone..."

"Hello, Alex Black's office .... I'm afraid Alex is busy right now..."

"Ah hello Mrs Black, this is Richard.  Alex is going to be working quite late tonight with me I think.  I have something on here at the moment and Alex wants to give it his full attention.  Goodnight Mrs Black."

"OK Alex, it's just you and me.  My long sexy nylon encased legs are probably the smoothest things your hands will ever touch ..."

"... I want you to take my tight little asshole over this desk."

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