Sunday, 16 December 2012

Body Suit

Tim threw the contents of the pack to the ground.  He hated being screwed and he had just paid $500 for a female bodysuit and it turned out to be a $30 leotard.  He opened the documents looking for a return address.

He read the document which claimed to use nanotechnology to modify the wearer's body.  He was pretty sceptical, but thought he'd try it before returning it for a refund.


He pulled the tightly fitting outfit on and stood there waiting for something to happen.  Suddenly, he felt his hair grow his face tightened, the leotard became tight and hot.  Without an orgasm his cock shot more cum than he realised a guy had in his balls.  His head was spinning his body was reshaping in front of his eyes.

The pain suddenly ceased, it was done, he had body of  girl.  He looked at himself in the mirror unable to believe what he saw.

This suit is going to be such a lot of fun Tim thought, as he went to take it off and go to work.  But as he peeled the lycra from his body he saw that underneath he was still a woman.  The transformation has been permanent.


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