Sunday, 28 October 2012

Divorce Settlement

Richard looked at himself in the mirror.  His wife had given him a full make-over and dressed him in some of her silkiest clothes.  He didn't know why she wanted to do this to him, but he went along with it, and was actually quite curious to see what sort of girl he would be.  He had become very drowsy during the process and had woken up so s a beautiful woman looking back at him from the mirror.

He was a bit alarmed when he saw his nails had ben given extensions and painted.  He wasn't sure how they would come off before he went to work on Monday.

He noticed that there was a weight in the bra he was wearing, he knew breastforms could feel very real, but didn't realize they were so heavy.  He unbuttoned his blouse to see.

"Hey, what have you done to me - these are real!"  He took off the blouse to reveal a pair of lovely tits cupped in lingerie.

"Fuck - you've give me tits!  How am I going to go out like this?"

"Why have you done this?  How long have I been out?"

"Two years!!  I'm a girl, you've given me a pussy and everything."

"You've remarried, but I'm ... shit, I get it now.  You've got all my money, the lot.  You bitch!"

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Scott's Outing

Scott was completely powerless to resist his step-father.  He had been caught wearing his mother's lingerie and was now paying the price.

"You want to be a woman do you Scott?"

"No Sir, I, I just like to see myself dressed up like this."

"That's not normal Scott.  You a faggot Scott?"

"No Sir, I like girls really."

"No girl's gonna like you like this Scott.  No, you must want to be a girl.  Tell you what, I'll show you what you mother likes."

"Please Sir - let be go and get changed."

"No, you kneel down and I'll show you something.  Your mother gets so turned on when I do this."

Suddenly Scott felt something click and cold on his wrists.  He was handcuffed.

"Hey, take these off."

"Your Mummy squealed when I first put them on her.  But she begs me to use them now."

"Now let's see if you like the other thing your Mum likes.  Did you know she's a real slut in bed Scott?  Did you know your Mummy likes me to dildo her ass while she lies handcuffed in her lingerie?

"Oh my God - please no Sir!"

"Let's get you lubricated, there, nothing you do will stop this sliding in now.  You may as well enjoy it Scotty."

"There we go, that slipped in real easy didn't it?"

"It hurts Sir"

"But you like it the way your little cock has sprung into action.  The trouble is, with these cuffs on, how are you going to play with yourself.  You must need to cum real bad.  Tell you what I'll do.  If you make a real good job of giving me a blow job, I'll un-cuff you when I've finished and you can finish off with that dildo in you ass.  Otherwise it comes out."

He withdraw the dildo.

"No, please, it feels so good Sir.  Please put it back.

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