Saturday, 29 September 2012


As David was admiring himself in the mirror two intruders burst into the room.

"Hey what have we here.  Give us a big sloppy kiss sweetheart."

Dave was petrified and couldn't speak trying to hide his secret.

"Just a little kiss baby."

"Hey, the chick's wearing stockings."

"You little tart.  Is that so you can fuck without taking them off?

"They sure are soft and smooth".

"You're going to fuck us babe, you know you want it, all you chicks are the same.  We'll save you the trouble of begging us to fuck you."

"Hey, there's a cock in here.  This chick's  guy!"

"Well she'll know how to treat a cock then.  Come of honey on your knees, my friend here will take care of your ass, you just have to make me come in your mouth."

David was so scared, he wasn't gay, but could do nothing, and if he did what they asked, he might not be found out.

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