Saturday, 29 September 2012

Duties of a Husband

"Joe, this is my sissy husband.  He hates me having lovers, but he has such a small cock that he want's to see me satisfied.  Isn't that right sweety?"

"Yes mistress."

"He loves stockings and garter belts.  He's harmless though, I have him in a little chastity device, so he cannot get hard.  I let him wank once a week if he's been good."

"Now, I want you to get that cock good and hard for me.  Make it nice and wet too, you wouldn't want me to hurt myself if it was too dry."

"Now guide that cock into my hole sweety.  Make sure it slides in nicely.  Mmmm that's it.  Now sit in that chair and watch me fuck."


"Mum!   - explain, err.  That's a tricky one.

A Nice Surprise

This wasn't what Jake had expected.  His wife had returned from work 3 hours early and caught him dressed in her clothes, makeup and wig.

His wife fell on his cock, she was so turned on, he had never seen her like this before.

She pushed him to the floor, straddled his throbbing cock and rode him until she screamed a mighty orgasm.

"I'm sorry Jake, I saw you there in those pretty clothes and had to fuck you.  Don't be embarrassed, you make a very pretty girl.  I had a lesbian lover at college a few years ago, and the love of women is still inside me.  Tell me we can do tis again Jake, please."


As David was admiring himself in the mirror two intruders burst into the room.

"Hey what have we here.  Give us a big sloppy kiss sweetheart."

Dave was petrified and couldn't speak trying to hide his secret.

"Just a little kiss baby."

"Hey, the chick's wearing stockings."

"You little tart.  Is that so you can fuck without taking them off?

"They sure are soft and smooth".

"You're going to fuck us babe, you know you want it, all you chicks are the same.  We'll save you the trouble of begging us to fuck you."

"Hey, there's a cock in here.  This chick's  guy!"

"Well she'll know how to treat a cock then.  Come of honey on your knees, my friend here will take care of your ass, you just have to make me come in your mouth."

David was so scared, he wasn't gay, but could do nothing, and if he did what they asked, he might not be found out.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

A New Use

Finally Brian had discovered a way to keep his pantyhose up. 

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The Revelation

Rich and his wife Anne were so in love, so when Rich told his wife about his cross-dressing Anne was a little worried, very curious; but mainly anxious to share in a part of her husband's life that was very important to him.

Rich asked her to dress in her favorite dress stockings and heels and he would come out dressed as Jackie his alter-ego.

When Jackie appeared Anne gasped.  She was very beautiful, and when she approached her and brushed her stockinged leg over her Anne gasped.  She wasn't a lesbian, or didn't think she was, but this sexy woman in front of her was both somebody she loved, and found sexually exciting; but how she was faced with the silky soft touch o stockings and silk clothes.

Lets chose shoes for each other, suggested Rich.  Anne loved shoes, she had quite a collection, and Rich had brought in his secret collection of heels so they could play.  Rich chose a pair of very high shoes that he loved to see Anne wear.  Her ankles always looked so beautiful when she wore them.  He brushed her calves as he gently eased each shoe on.

Rich then extended one of his feet towards Anne.  She held his ankle and thrilled at the softness and sheerness of the nylons he as wearing.  She chose a very high pair of black patent heels which Rich approved of.

"Can you walk in these honey?"

"Of course darling.  I've been practicing since I was a young boy.  These are easy."

"Oh look at those seems.  You have wonderful legs honey.  Let's make love now, I'm so horny."

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