Monday, 27 August 2012

A New Role

"Ah there you are Ricky darling.  You took your time.  This is Mike, as you can see he ha an incredible body and a cock that makes you want to scream.

I'm afraid your cock is out of action darling, I have the key and I'm afraid that device is a permanent fixture.  You just stand there and watch me fuck, that's a good little sissy."

"Oh there is something you can do for me now, lick this off of my face will you.  There's a dear."


  1. Hello Wendy I wonder what happened to your blog a few weeks ago.
    I could not access his blog said it had been deleted or something.
    I was worried because I am Brazilian and my English is not very good and blogs like yours that put the site facilitates separate caption me because I use Google chrome and it translates the texts and whole websites or blogs.
    His legend is a huge quality is the best blog of captions I knew until now is my favorite.
    Wendy I've been noticing you've been a while without updates what is happening?
    Wendy if you had Some blogs or sites where subtitles text is separated from the legend that I would like if you could share with me since I have difficulty in finding sites and blogs on these characteristics.
    Well now I appreciate the work you've been doing that in your blog is very good and since I appreciate being able to help me with Some links to blogs and websites subtitles preferably with separate text continues to make their captions.
    From his Brazilian fan.

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