Monday, 27 August 2012

A New Role

"Ah there you are Ricky darling.  You took your time.  This is Mike, as you can see he ha an incredible body and a cock that makes you want to scream.

I'm afraid your cock is out of action darling, I have the key and I'm afraid that device is a permanent fixture.  You just stand there and watch me fuck, that's a good little sissy."

"Oh there is something you can do for me now, lick this off of my face will you.  There's a dear."

First Night Out

Simon, or sometimes Sonia, decided to take his cross-dressing to the next level.  Tonight he went to a local club as Sonia.  He instantly attracted the attention of a black guy called Will.  Sonia confessed to being a guy after the first drink, but Will didn't seem to care.  Back at Will's place he allowed Will to take his cock into his mouth.  Will sucked Sonia's cock like an expert.

OKSonia, before you cum, I want you to make me hard.  I'm going to back your ass like you wouldn't believe.
Helpless to say no, Sonia slid down and gasped as he saw Will's enormous cock.  He had his wife's vibrator before, but never has sex with a guy and could not imagine how he could accommodate this monster.

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