Sunday, 13 May 2012

First Time

Richard lay on the bed nervously playing with his garter tabs. It was like he was in a dream. He had experimented cross dressing of course, every man does; but his latest girlfriend wanted him to look like a real girl. So here he was waiting for her to finish in the bathroom.

As his girl friend approached him in beautiful lingerie looking so sexy and smelling so sweet he realised she was wearing a large rubber dildo.

Richard was too far gone now to care, he rolled onto his back looked deep into her eyes and was hers to do whatever she wanted.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Unexpected Evening

"Honey, we have 5 hours before the party - what costume do you have for me?"

"You're going as a bride dear - and I want you to make an effort."

"You must be kidding Hon, I'm not going dressed as a chick."

"I'm afraid you are darling.  Now I have a lot of work to do on you, so come into the bedroom and we'll start."

... 4 hours later.

"Jesus Honey, you've done a real number on my makeup.  I look like a real girl.  Are you sure I'll be OK in these heels, they are really high?  They are funny looking fastenings."

"You'll be fine darling, now I want you to try the corset on.  That will give you the figure I'm looking for."

"A corset!  I won't be able to breathe."

"You'll get used to it darling.  It's what us girls have to put up with."

"Hmm, I'm afraid we have a problem dear.  All these silky things are making me a bit horny.  This isn't going away any time soon."

"Come here darling, let me suck you off and then we can tuck it away between your legs.  Hopefully, it won't make an appearance while we're out."

"That was great Honey, it's all tucked away now."

"Right dear, let's get that dress."

"This!  It's practically see through.  And what about the top?"

"You're wearing the top darling.  Exposed corsets are all the rage.  Now slip on the dress and we'll slip it under your corset and then we can tighten you up."

"It get's tighter that this?"

"Oh yes, much tighter, now hurry - we don't want to be late."

"I have to say, I do look pretty cute Honey. "

"What are you doing to the corset Hon?"

"It's OK I'm just locking it on.  The shoes are locked too.  You are now trapped as a girl.  The only way out is this key - and for that to happen you will have to call me mistress all evening.  Wait here."


"Don't call me that!  It's mistress.  Now wait."

1 hour later.

"Honey, I like all that black leather.  Is that your costume?"

"It's Mistress to you!"

A lash of a whip sting is butt cheek.

"Ouch that hurt hon ... mistress ... what's going on?"

"We've been invited to an S & M party, not a fancy dress.  We have to bring our feminized husbands along.  Now come on my little slut we'll have a great time."

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