Sunday, 29 April 2012

His Wife's Friend

"Jane dear, your husband looks really hot.  How did you feminize him so quickly?  It took me months to break in George."

"It's because he just loves it Kate.  He refuses to wear mens clothes not, se says they are too hard."

"Has he still got his cock Jane?"

"Yes, I'm keeping it - if I took that away he would have no reason to stay.  He'd be one of us and a damn pretty one at that."

"Mikey dear - show Kate your weenie cock."

"Must I Jane, I wish I could have a pussy like you and Kate."

"Yes - lift up your skirt."

"Jane - that's tiny!  No wonder you are changing him."

"Does it still work?"

"I haven't tried Kate.  While Michelle here has been tripping around in heels and pantyhose, I've been getting nailed by Tod - Jesus, now there's a cock."

"I know all about Tod Kate.  Now come on Mikey, lets see if that weener of yours still works."

"Ooh.  Yes there's a twitch.  I want to see him cum Jane."

"Turn around Mikey - you heard what the lady said.  Bend over, now you're going to show Kate you can still cum."

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  1. Why can't my wife do that to me?


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