Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Adventures of Ron - The Turnaround

Sue purchased a device to Ron. It was a tight fitting artificial vagina.

"Honey, now it's on this is actually very comfortable. It was so difficult to put on though, and now we're going to have to take it off to make love."

"Tonight will be a little different Roni dear. Can you see this little box here."

"Yes, what is it?"

"Take your blouse and skirt off and I'll show you."

"Now when I press this button ..."

"Ooh! I can feel the strangest sensation. A sort of tingling."

"That's the electricity honey. And now this button, and turn up this knob."

"Ahhhh!!! I've just cum, oh my god! Ahh I'm cumming again, christ! Honey - stop it!! Ahhh!! I've cum again - but guys can have multiple ... aaaarrrggghhh!!!!"

"Is that nice honey - it's new. You wear it all the time. It hides you manhood and I can make you cum at the switch of a button. Don't worry, you can pee wearing it."

"Honey - please stop it - I can't stand ..... aaaaarrrggghhhh!!!!!!"

"Now Roni. I have to say I prefer you as a girl to a man. I've always known I was a lesbian, but was afraid to express it. I think you should be a girl all the time Roni dear."

Sue slowed the device down so Ron could catch his breath.

"I am not going to be a full time girl you hear."

Sue sped the device up a little.

"Honey - how about for a week - just to see. I can turn this off now if you like."

"OK - OK. It's so intense, I've never had an orgasm like it."

"This device triggers the same receptors as women, so that was your first female orgasm. Roni dear."

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