Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Adventures of Ron - The Beginning

Ron was just an ordinary guy, with an ordinary wife Sue. As with most couples, their sex-life was becoming a bit samey, so one evening his wife suggested they spice things up. Sue had tried dressing up for Ron, but this time she wanted him to dress up.

"Sure hon, what wound you like, a cop? I'll arrest you and make you pay a stiff fine."

"I was rather hoping you would dress up as a woman Ron."

"Hmm, that's a bit kinky honey, but sure, panties and a bra - why not."

"No Ron, the whole thing. I want to make you look like a beautiful girl."

"Gee, Sue honey - I'm not sure about that."

"Go on Ron - it'll be fun - I'm sure you'll make a very pretty girl."

"OK honey - if you like."

2 hours of waxing, bathing, pampering, and dressing Sue was happy.

"Come on honey, I'm dieing to see what I look like. Like some old pro no doubt. Still these legs of mine look pretty hot in these hose. They feel great too."

"Oh, you look much better than most women Ron. It's amazing, you are stunning."

"Can I have a look in the mirror now then?"

"Oh my god Sue, what have you done! I'm so hot!"

"Put on this skirt Ron and let's see the finished result."

"Sue, this is amazing. I'm actually getting hard just looking at myself."

"Everything feels so soft too. Sue I let's make love - I and as horny as hell."

"Me too Ron"

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  1. Ron is so hot! And so lucky. If only we all had wives like Sue :)


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