Sunday, 29 April 2012

His Wife's Friend

"Jane dear, your husband looks really hot.  How did you feminize him so quickly?  It took me months to break in George."

"It's because he just loves it Kate.  He refuses to wear mens clothes not, se says they are too hard."

"Has he still got his cock Jane?"

"Yes, I'm keeping it - if I took that away he would have no reason to stay.  He'd be one of us and a damn pretty one at that."

"Mikey dear - show Kate your weenie cock."

"Must I Jane, I wish I could have a pussy like you and Kate."

"Yes - lift up your skirt."

"Jane - that's tiny!  No wonder you are changing him."

"Does it still work?"

"I haven't tried Kate.  While Michelle here has been tripping around in heels and pantyhose, I've been getting nailed by Tod - Jesus, now there's a cock."

"I know all about Tod Kate.  Now come on Mikey, lets see if that weener of yours still works."

"Ooh.  Yes there's a twitch.  I want to see him cum Jane."

"Turn around Mikey - you heard what the lady said.  Bend over, now you're going to show Kate you can still cum."

The Adventures of Ron - The New Job

Ron's wife got him a job as a school teacher. She was the principal and needed a maths teacher.

Ron was a big hit with the boys in class.

Sue could activate his orgasm from her office. Ron gasped as he tried to keep calm in front of his class while cumming over and over.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Adventures of Ron - The Turnaround

Sue purchased a device to Ron. It was a tight fitting artificial vagina.

"Honey, now it's on this is actually very comfortable. It was so difficult to put on though, and now we're going to have to take it off to make love."

"Tonight will be a little different Roni dear. Can you see this little box here."

"Yes, what is it?"

"Take your blouse and skirt off and I'll show you."

"Now when I press this button ..."

"Ooh! I can feel the strangest sensation. A sort of tingling."

"That's the electricity honey. And now this button, and turn up this knob."

"Ahhhh!!! I've just cum, oh my god! Ahh I'm cumming again, christ! Honey - stop it!! Ahhh!! I've cum again - but guys can have multiple ... aaaarrrggghhh!!!!"

"Is that nice honey - it's new. You wear it all the time. It hides you manhood and I can make you cum at the switch of a button. Don't worry, you can pee wearing it."

"Honey - please stop it - I can't stand ..... aaaaarrrggghhhh!!!!!!"

"Now Roni. I have to say I prefer you as a girl to a man. I've always known I was a lesbian, but was afraid to express it. I think you should be a girl all the time Roni dear."

Sue slowed the device down so Ron could catch his breath.

"I am not going to be a full time girl you hear."

Sue sped the device up a little.

"Honey - how about for a week - just to see. I can turn this off now if you like."

"OK - OK. It's so intense, I've never had an orgasm like it."

"This device triggers the same receptors as women, so that was your first female orgasm. Roni dear."

The Adventures of Ron - The Beginning

Ron was just an ordinary guy, with an ordinary wife Sue. As with most couples, their sex-life was becoming a bit samey, so one evening his wife suggested they spice things up. Sue had tried dressing up for Ron, but this time she wanted him to dress up.

"Sure hon, what wound you like, a cop? I'll arrest you and make you pay a stiff fine."

"I was rather hoping you would dress up as a woman Ron."

"Hmm, that's a bit kinky honey, but sure, panties and a bra - why not."

"No Ron, the whole thing. I want to make you look like a beautiful girl."

"Gee, Sue honey - I'm not sure about that."

"Go on Ron - it'll be fun - I'm sure you'll make a very pretty girl."

"OK honey - if you like."

2 hours of waxing, bathing, pampering, and dressing Sue was happy.

"Come on honey, I'm dieing to see what I look like. Like some old pro no doubt. Still these legs of mine look pretty hot in these hose. They feel great too."

"Oh, you look much better than most women Ron. It's amazing, you are stunning."

"Can I have a look in the mirror now then?"

"Oh my god Sue, what have you done! I'm so hot!"

"Put on this skirt Ron and let's see the finished result."

"Sue, this is amazing. I'm actually getting hard just looking at myself."

"Everything feels so soft too. Sue I let's make love - I and as horny as hell."

"Me too Ron"

Sunday, 8 April 2012


"Take it off now honey. It hurts where I'm so horny."

"You said you didn't want to dress as a girl Richard."

"Honey, I've changed my mind, look - I've just got to cum, these stockings are driving me crazy."

"Well you're not going to be fucking me any more you little stocking whore. You like dressing like a whore, you're going to have to act like one from now on. You can only cum when there's a cock up your ass."

"No honey, I'm not gay."

"It's that or the lock stays on"

"Honey , I'm going to explode if I don't cum."

"I want you to wrap those lovely legs around each guy who comes in, they're paying well. Pull him deep inside you and then I will unlock you."

"Anything honey, anything."

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