Sunday, 5 February 2012

Another Visit From 'Uncle' Bob

"Daddy, I like it when you dress up like Mummy?"

"I like it too Billy. Mummy insists I wear these clothes when uncle Bob comes around."

"Mummy seems to fight a lot with uncle Bob in the bedroom. She cries and shouts a lot. It scares me Daddy."

"Uncle Bob makes your Mummy happy Billy. She insists that we both stay dressed like this because uncle Bob finds it funny."

"I don't think its funny Daddy. We both look very pretty don't we?"

"Yes we do Billy"


Mike had been caught cross dressing by his step-father Ted.

It was all very embarrassing, but suddenly Ted walked up to him and kissed him hard on the lips.

Mike struggled - "Ted, stop it, I'm not gay, I just like to look like a woman, I get a buzz out of it."

Ted pushed Mike back on the couch. "You want to look like a woman, then how about looking like a woman having her pussy eaten"

At this Ted lifted Mike's skirt and removed the skimpy panties he was wearing. He then took Mike's whole cock into his mouth at the same time pushing his balls back inside his body where the panties had been holding them. Ted then slowly eased first one, then two fingers into Mikes tight little butt.

Mike closed his eyes as his cock responded to his step-fathers sucking and tongue.

"You want to look like a woman? How about looking like a woman being fucked, how about that?"

Ted tore Mike's dress off and turned him over. Mike's head was swimming, he was too weak to resist - he didn't want to resist, but he knew he wasn't gay.

Then he could feel Ted's cock stroking his hole and then finally eased in. All the way in. Mike gasped with pain, guilt, but mainly absolute pleasure. His own cock was rock hard and it bounced around as he was fucked like some rag doll utterly powerless to escape.

Mike was on the verge of cumming, he pulled Ted closer with his heels still wearing his mother's best stilettos.

Suddenly Ted jerked and with an almighty spasm, which seemed to send a pulse through all of Mike's own body, orgasmed and let out a groan. This triggered Mike to explode from his own untouched cock; cum soaking the couch and his stockings.

"Now go upstairs and get cleaned up Mike, we'll need to do something about that couch before your mother gets home"

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