Sunday, 29 January 2012

A Night Out

Richard had taken some persuading from his wife that they should go as the ugly sisters to the fancy dress party.

"I'll do your makeup Hon." His wife insisted, and I have got these clothes for you. "Just make sure you shave your legs when you have a bath."

"We're the ugly sisters, a bit of leg hair ..."

"No! Shave your legs and that's final."

"OK, ok."

His wife then did his make-up, there was no mirror, so he was getting really curious.

"Do I look real hideous Sweetie? Grrr."

"I wouldn't say too hideous Hon. You're turning out kinda cute."

"Let me see"

"Not yet. I want it to be a surprise. Put this blindfold on so it won't spoilt the first impression".

Richard felt his wife put him into what he imagined to be a corset, pulling his stomach in very tight.

"There - you have a good figure now dear. Just some nylons. Every ugly sister wears nylons."

"OK, put this robe on, and when I take the blindfold off, turn around."


"Oh my God. what have you done. I look fabulous."

"Not bad eh Hon? Let me get into my outfit. We're actually going as a couple of Victoria Secret models. We won't be staying late, I want you to fuck me just as you are. This whole dressing up thing has made me as hot as hell."

"But honey, you're a woman, you can't find me attractive."

"I've had these lesbian yearning for years Hon. This is the best of both worlds. Now put those heels on and prepare to fend off the guys - you're all mine tonight."

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