Sunday, 16 December 2012

Tranny Chaser

Paul was in ecstasy, he had found a woman on the internet who was into cross-dressers and she was really into stockings.  He had gone to her house and there he was shaven, made up, dressed and brought to the edge of orgasm.

"OK that's enough Paul"

"Please, I need to cum."

"Not yet Paul", she said as she clamped a plastic chastity device on his dick, "Now follow me".

He followed her like a little puppy waiting for a treat.  The door opened and they were in her garage.

"Get in the car Paul", she pulled a gun on him.  He got in the car.

"I can't go out dress like this."

They drove for 2 miles and then pulled over.

"Here we are, this is your first test.  Nobody uses this road.  I will leave a pretty pink dress in a bag 1 mile up the road.  You will look forward to putting that on.  Another mile is my house, when you get back I will let you fuck me in these clothes, just make sure you don't snag these stockings.  That means you wear the heels all the way.  Good luck honey, I'll be waiting."

Body Suit

Tim threw the contents of the pack to the ground.  He hated being screwed and he had just paid $500 for a female bodysuit and it turned out to be a $30 leotard.  He opened the documents looking for a return address.

He read the document which claimed to use nanotechnology to modify the wearer's body.  He was pretty sceptical, but thought he'd try it before returning it for a refund.


He pulled the tightly fitting outfit on and stood there waiting for something to happen.  Suddenly, he felt his hair grow his face tightened, the leotard became tight and hot.  Without an orgasm his cock shot more cum than he realised a guy had in his balls.  His head was spinning his body was reshaping in front of his eyes.

The pain suddenly ceased, it was done, he had body of  girl.  He looked at himself in the mirror unable to believe what he saw.

This suit is going to be such a lot of fun Tim thought, as he went to take it off and go to work.  But as he peeled the lycra from his body he saw that underneath he was still a woman.  The transformation has been permanent.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Divorce Settlement

Richard looked at himself in the mirror.  His wife had given him a full make-over and dressed him in some of her silkiest clothes.  He didn't know why she wanted to do this to him, but he went along with it, and was actually quite curious to see what sort of girl he would be.  He had become very drowsy during the process and had woken up so s a beautiful woman looking back at him from the mirror.

He was a bit alarmed when he saw his nails had ben given extensions and painted.  He wasn't sure how they would come off before he went to work on Monday.

He noticed that there was a weight in the bra he was wearing, he knew breastforms could feel very real, but didn't realize they were so heavy.  He unbuttoned his blouse to see.

"Hey, what have you done to me - these are real!"  He took off the blouse to reveal a pair of lovely tits cupped in lingerie.

"Fuck - you've give me tits!  How am I going to go out like this?"

"Why have you done this?  How long have I been out?"

"Two years!!  I'm a girl, you've given me a pussy and everything."

"You've remarried, but I'm ... shit, I get it now.  You've got all my money, the lot.  You bitch!"

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Scott's Outing

Scott was completely powerless to resist his step-father.  He had been caught wearing his mother's lingerie and was now paying the price.

"You want to be a woman do you Scott?"

"No Sir, I, I just like to see myself dressed up like this."

"That's not normal Scott.  You a faggot Scott?"

"No Sir, I like girls really."

"No girl's gonna like you like this Scott.  No, you must want to be a girl.  Tell you what, I'll show you what you mother likes."

"Please Sir - let be go and get changed."

"No, you kneel down and I'll show you something.  Your mother gets so turned on when I do this."

Suddenly Scott felt something click and cold on his wrists.  He was handcuffed.

"Hey, take these off."

"Your Mummy squealed when I first put them on her.  But she begs me to use them now."

"Now let's see if you like the other thing your Mum likes.  Did you know she's a real slut in bed Scott?  Did you know your Mummy likes me to dildo her ass while she lies handcuffed in her lingerie?

"Oh my God - please no Sir!"

"Let's get you lubricated, there, nothing you do will stop this sliding in now.  You may as well enjoy it Scotty."

"There we go, that slipped in real easy didn't it?"

"It hurts Sir"

"But you like it the way your little cock has sprung into action.  The trouble is, with these cuffs on, how are you going to play with yourself.  You must need to cum real bad.  Tell you what I'll do.  If you make a real good job of giving me a blow job, I'll un-cuff you when I've finished and you can finish off with that dildo in you ass.  Otherwise it comes out."

He withdraw the dildo.

"No, please, it feels so good Sir.  Please put it back.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Duties of a Husband

"Joe, this is my sissy husband.  He hates me having lovers, but he has such a small cock that he want's to see me satisfied.  Isn't that right sweety?"

"Yes mistress."

"He loves stockings and garter belts.  He's harmless though, I have him in a little chastity device, so he cannot get hard.  I let him wank once a week if he's been good."

"Now, I want you to get that cock good and hard for me.  Make it nice and wet too, you wouldn't want me to hurt myself if it was too dry."

"Now guide that cock into my hole sweety.  Make sure it slides in nicely.  Mmmm that's it.  Now sit in that chair and watch me fuck."


"Mum!   - explain, err.  That's a tricky one.

A Nice Surprise

This wasn't what Jake had expected.  His wife had returned from work 3 hours early and caught him dressed in her clothes, makeup and wig.

His wife fell on his cock, she was so turned on, he had never seen her like this before.

She pushed him to the floor, straddled his throbbing cock and rode him until she screamed a mighty orgasm.

"I'm sorry Jake, I saw you there in those pretty clothes and had to fuck you.  Don't be embarrassed, you make a very pretty girl.  I had a lesbian lover at college a few years ago, and the love of women is still inside me.  Tell me we can do tis again Jake, please."


As David was admiring himself in the mirror two intruders burst into the room.

"Hey what have we here.  Give us a big sloppy kiss sweetheart."

Dave was petrified and couldn't speak trying to hide his secret.

"Just a little kiss baby."

"Hey, the chick's wearing stockings."

"You little tart.  Is that so you can fuck without taking them off?

"They sure are soft and smooth".

"You're going to fuck us babe, you know you want it, all you chicks are the same.  We'll save you the trouble of begging us to fuck you."

"Hey, there's a cock in here.  This chick's  guy!"

"Well she'll know how to treat a cock then.  Come of honey on your knees, my friend here will take care of your ass, you just have to make me come in your mouth."

David was so scared, he wasn't gay, but could do nothing, and if he did what they asked, he might not be found out.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

A New Use

Finally Brian had discovered a way to keep his pantyhose up. 

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The Revelation

Rich and his wife Anne were so in love, so when Rich told his wife about his cross-dressing Anne was a little worried, very curious; but mainly anxious to share in a part of her husband's life that was very important to him.

Rich asked her to dress in her favorite dress stockings and heels and he would come out dressed as Jackie his alter-ego.

When Jackie appeared Anne gasped.  She was very beautiful, and when she approached her and brushed her stockinged leg over her Anne gasped.  She wasn't a lesbian, or didn't think she was, but this sexy woman in front of her was both somebody she loved, and found sexually exciting; but how she was faced with the silky soft touch o stockings and silk clothes.

Lets chose shoes for each other, suggested Rich.  Anne loved shoes, she had quite a collection, and Rich had brought in his secret collection of heels so they could play.  Rich chose a pair of very high shoes that he loved to see Anne wear.  Her ankles always looked so beautiful when she wore them.  He brushed her calves as he gently eased each shoe on.

Rich then extended one of his feet towards Anne.  She held his ankle and thrilled at the softness and sheerness of the nylons he as wearing.  She chose a very high pair of black patent heels which Rich approved of.

"Can you walk in these honey?"

"Of course darling.  I've been practicing since I was a young boy.  These are easy."

"Oh look at those seems.  You have wonderful legs honey.  Let's make love now, I'm so horny."

Monday, 27 August 2012

A New Role

"Ah there you are Ricky darling.  You took your time.  This is Mike, as you can see he ha an incredible body and a cock that makes you want to scream.

I'm afraid your cock is out of action darling, I have the key and I'm afraid that device is a permanent fixture.  You just stand there and watch me fuck, that's a good little sissy."

"Oh there is something you can do for me now, lick this off of my face will you.  There's a dear."

First Night Out

Simon, or sometimes Sonia, decided to take his cross-dressing to the next level.  Tonight he went to a local club as Sonia.  He instantly attracted the attention of a black guy called Will.  Sonia confessed to being a guy after the first drink, but Will didn't seem to care.  Back at Will's place he allowed Will to take his cock into his mouth.  Will sucked Sonia's cock like an expert.

OKSonia, before you cum, I want you to make me hard.  I'm going to back your ass like you wouldn't believe.
Helpless to say no, Sonia slid down and gasped as he saw Will's enormous cock.  He had his wife's vibrator before, but never has sex with a guy and could not imagine how he could accommodate this monster.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

First Time

Richard lay on the bed nervously playing with his garter tabs. It was like he was in a dream. He had experimented cross dressing of course, every man does; but his latest girlfriend wanted him to look like a real girl. So here he was waiting for her to finish in the bathroom.

As his girl friend approached him in beautiful lingerie looking so sexy and smelling so sweet he realised she was wearing a large rubber dildo.

Richard was too far gone now to care, he rolled onto his back looked deep into her eyes and was hers to do whatever she wanted.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Unexpected Evening

"Honey, we have 5 hours before the party - what costume do you have for me?"

"You're going as a bride dear - and I want you to make an effort."

"You must be kidding Hon, I'm not going dressed as a chick."

"I'm afraid you are darling.  Now I have a lot of work to do on you, so come into the bedroom and we'll start."

... 4 hours later.

"Jesus Honey, you've done a real number on my makeup.  I look like a real girl.  Are you sure I'll be OK in these heels, they are really high?  They are funny looking fastenings."

"You'll be fine darling, now I want you to try the corset on.  That will give you the figure I'm looking for."

"A corset!  I won't be able to breathe."

"You'll get used to it darling.  It's what us girls have to put up with."

"Hmm, I'm afraid we have a problem dear.  All these silky things are making me a bit horny.  This isn't going away any time soon."

"Come here darling, let me suck you off and then we can tuck it away between your legs.  Hopefully, it won't make an appearance while we're out."

"That was great Honey, it's all tucked away now."

"Right dear, let's get that dress."

"This!  It's practically see through.  And what about the top?"

"You're wearing the top darling.  Exposed corsets are all the rage.  Now slip on the dress and we'll slip it under your corset and then we can tighten you up."

"It get's tighter that this?"

"Oh yes, much tighter, now hurry - we don't want to be late."

"I have to say, I do look pretty cute Honey. "

"What are you doing to the corset Hon?"

"It's OK I'm just locking it on.  The shoes are locked too.  You are now trapped as a girl.  The only way out is this key - and for that to happen you will have to call me mistress all evening.  Wait here."


"Don't call me that!  It's mistress.  Now wait."

1 hour later.

"Honey, I like all that black leather.  Is that your costume?"

"It's Mistress to you!"

A lash of a whip sting is butt cheek.

"Ouch that hurt hon ... mistress ... what's going on?"

"We've been invited to an S & M party, not a fancy dress.  We have to bring our feminized husbands along.  Now come on my little slut we'll have a great time."

Sunday, 29 April 2012

His Wife's Friend

"Jane dear, your husband looks really hot.  How did you feminize him so quickly?  It took me months to break in George."

"It's because he just loves it Kate.  He refuses to wear mens clothes not, se says they are too hard."

"Has he still got his cock Jane?"

"Yes, I'm keeping it - if I took that away he would have no reason to stay.  He'd be one of us and a damn pretty one at that."

"Mikey dear - show Kate your weenie cock."

"Must I Jane, I wish I could have a pussy like you and Kate."

"Yes - lift up your skirt."

"Jane - that's tiny!  No wonder you are changing him."

"Does it still work?"

"I haven't tried Kate.  While Michelle here has been tripping around in heels and pantyhose, I've been getting nailed by Tod - Jesus, now there's a cock."

"I know all about Tod Kate.  Now come on Mikey, lets see if that weener of yours still works."

"Ooh.  Yes there's a twitch.  I want to see him cum Jane."

"Turn around Mikey - you heard what the lady said.  Bend over, now you're going to show Kate you can still cum."

The Adventures of Ron - The New Job

Ron's wife got him a job as a school teacher. She was the principal and needed a maths teacher.

Ron was a big hit with the boys in class.

Sue could activate his orgasm from her office. Ron gasped as he tried to keep calm in front of his class while cumming over and over.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Adventures of Ron - The Turnaround

Sue purchased a device to Ron. It was a tight fitting artificial vagina.

"Honey, now it's on this is actually very comfortable. It was so difficult to put on though, and now we're going to have to take it off to make love."

"Tonight will be a little different Roni dear. Can you see this little box here."

"Yes, what is it?"

"Take your blouse and skirt off and I'll show you."

"Now when I press this button ..."

"Ooh! I can feel the strangest sensation. A sort of tingling."

"That's the electricity honey. And now this button, and turn up this knob."

"Ahhhh!!! I've just cum, oh my god! Ahh I'm cumming again, christ! Honey - stop it!! Ahhh!! I've cum again - but guys can have multiple ... aaaarrrggghhh!!!!"

"Is that nice honey - it's new. You wear it all the time. It hides you manhood and I can make you cum at the switch of a button. Don't worry, you can pee wearing it."

"Honey - please stop it - I can't stand ..... aaaaarrrggghhhh!!!!!!"

"Now Roni. I have to say I prefer you as a girl to a man. I've always known I was a lesbian, but was afraid to express it. I think you should be a girl all the time Roni dear."

Sue slowed the device down so Ron could catch his breath.

"I am not going to be a full time girl you hear."

Sue sped the device up a little.

"Honey - how about for a week - just to see. I can turn this off now if you like."

"OK - OK. It's so intense, I've never had an orgasm like it."

"This device triggers the same receptors as women, so that was your first female orgasm. Roni dear."

The Adventures of Ron - The Beginning

Ron was just an ordinary guy, with an ordinary wife Sue. As with most couples, their sex-life was becoming a bit samey, so one evening his wife suggested they spice things up. Sue had tried dressing up for Ron, but this time she wanted him to dress up.

"Sure hon, what wound you like, a cop? I'll arrest you and make you pay a stiff fine."

"I was rather hoping you would dress up as a woman Ron."

"Hmm, that's a bit kinky honey, but sure, panties and a bra - why not."

"No Ron, the whole thing. I want to make you look like a beautiful girl."

"Gee, Sue honey - I'm not sure about that."

"Go on Ron - it'll be fun - I'm sure you'll make a very pretty girl."

"OK honey - if you like."

2 hours of waxing, bathing, pampering, and dressing Sue was happy.

"Come on honey, I'm dieing to see what I look like. Like some old pro no doubt. Still these legs of mine look pretty hot in these hose. They feel great too."

"Oh, you look much better than most women Ron. It's amazing, you are stunning."

"Can I have a look in the mirror now then?"

"Oh my god Sue, what have you done! I'm so hot!"

"Put on this skirt Ron and let's see the finished result."

"Sue, this is amazing. I'm actually getting hard just looking at myself."

"Everything feels so soft too. Sue I let's make love - I and as horny as hell."

"Me too Ron"

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