Monday, 19 December 2011

Strong Willed

Joe was lost in his own world. He had 'borrowed' some lingerie from his mother's closet and was now dreaming feminine thoughts and slowly bringing himself to a climax on sexual pleasure and feminine softness. Joe had never been with a woman, but knew exactly how he and she would feel during sex.

He had done this before of course, but this was different. He was at a new level of intensity, his whole body and mind ached to be female, every cell in his body begged for transformation.

It happened slowly at first, he felt a wonderful tingling on his nipples and felt his chest grow. He held his new breasts in his hand and loved them. He saw his cock first shrink to nothing, then pussy lips form. He felt his hips and butt become fuller and his wait become slimmer. His hair grew to his shoulders and his neck became narrower.

Finally the change was complete. It had taken only 2 minutes, but here he was, the girl he always wanted to be, still wearing his Mom's lingerie.

"Mom!" he gasped in a beautiful sexy voice, "How am I going to explain this?"

It didn't really matter, Jo was now who she wanted to be, and her mother always wanted a daughter.

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