Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Side Effects

In order for the transformation to be maintained, new girls need to have a regular rush of hormones. The only practical way of doing this is to induce an orgasm when the chemical balance becomes low. The obvious consequence is that the vibrator that must be worn at all times kicks in at the most inconvenient moment.
Here we see Brian who had found an excellent position as a PA in a kids' clothing manufacturer just about to take coffee into the boardroom. She's late already and they are getting impatient. She's going to have to walk into the room carrying a tray with a massive orgasm building up inside her. She dashes in, hoping to get in and out before the moment arrives; but the extra movement makes her cum as she steps through the door. She stifles a moan and her knees buckle. A kind young vice-principal catches her and the tray. He then supports her walking her out of the room and to her desk.
"You OK Ma'am?"
"Yes - I'm fine, please go back." Brian forced these words out as the multiple orgasm was shooting through his body. She rushed to the washroom just as a find huge orgasm gushed over her. That topped the hormone level for a few more hours.

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