Friday, 16 December 2011

Made into a Transvestite

Mike was still locked in the attic. He had misbehaved once too often for his parents, and this time, he called his sister a whore, he was forced into the attic and dressed in sexy underwear and a short skirt.

After the initial shock and horror of being forced to be dressed like this and left alone, he next realized just how damn sexy he looked and felt. He was very hard and started to play with himself.

At that moment his mother open the door. Mike hurriedly turned away to hide his rock hard dick, but his mother had seen him.

"Sit down Mike"

Mike, carefully sat down to avoid showing his throbbing cock.

"You really like this don't you Mike. I think you're the whore not your sister. Once you've enjoyed dressing as a girl, you will always be a transvestite. That's your punishment for being rude to your sister. You will forever long to be wearing stockings. Your feet won't be comfortable unless they are in heels. You will want always to be pretty. Now finish jerking off and come down to join us to dinner."


  1. I love nylons and high heels also

  2. true story - great, I love to be punished like this as well
    Love M


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