Tuesday, 20 December 2011


The kidnap was not going to plan.

The idea was simple, kidnap a millionaire's teenage son and demand a ransom. After threatening harm, no ransom payment was forthcoming, so they tried something different.


The response was to go ahead, surgery would always sort it out afterwards.

Not wishing to be seen to cave in, they had the operation carried out and sent a photograph of the 17 year old with a fine pair of tits.

"PAY US - $10m OR we'll start female hormone treatment".

The response was once more negative. The hormones would only be temporary.

They started the kid on massive hormone injections and within days he was looking more female than male.

The kid was completely unaware of what was happening, he was in and out of consciousness as drugs were administered.

"We want $10m or you get a daughter."

No response was heard from the father, who very shortly received a gruesome package containing two testicles.

"What do we do now. Look at this kid tied up there. We've made him into a gorgeous chick and still no ransom payment. Take a picture of her; I have an idea."

"Meet you new daughter - sorry about your son. We want $10m or we'll start fucking her."

They received a letter in response.

"Dont do that. Ive always wanted a daughter, I have an older son who will run the business, but I wanted a daughter. Please don't hurt her, send her home. You can have the money, just don't harm her."

The only thing left was to break it to the kid that he was a girl now.

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