Sunday, 11 December 2011

Instant Sex Appeal

Tod had quickly copied a spell to make a person more attractive which he had found in an ancient library on a study trip to Europe. When he got home he settled down in his den and chanted the spell. Nothing seemed to happen at first, but then his clothes changed to the clothes of a girl.

"That's a fat lot of good" he said, but in a very feminine voice.

He grabbed his chest and he had a glorious pair of tits. He made a grab for his cock, only to feel is wither away.

"Shit, I'm a girl!", he cried out. He had no spell to reverse the process, why would he copy a spell to make him less attractive.

His new tits and pussy started to tingle, he reached to touch himself and instantly orgasmed.

"Oh my God, that was amazing.", the tingling returned, the same thin happened.

"Fuck, I'm some sort of nymphomaniac. What am I going to do".

There was nothing to do. He was stuck as a sex crazed girl.


  1. Luv the pic Wendy. Wonderful story too. Just wish it were me.

  2. Dressed like that I'd be some kind of nympho girl myself! So innocent looking, such urges within!


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