Monday, 19 December 2011


"Hi Sally, where's Rick?"

"I am Rick, Sally and I used Daddy's machine to switch for the day. Sally wanted me to sit her college interview for her."

"You're old man's machine is really cool Rick, can I have a go soon?"

"It's experimental at the moment Ted. It only works with the family's DNA. Daddy is working hard trying to make it work for everyone, but it's difficult."

"So have you told Sally I'd like to take her on a date yet Rick?"

"She's not interested Ted."

"Not interested, look I'm crazy about her - she's so hot."

"You're not her type Ted, that's the end of it."

"Am I your type Rick?"

"What do you mean - I'm a guy, no you are not my type."

"Ah - come on Rick, haven't you wondered what it's like to get screwed as a girl?"

"Stop it Ted, you're hurting me, don't touch me there, no!"

"You know you want to Sally."

"I'm not Sally, now Ted, will you please .... mmmmm."

At this point, Ted's finger had slid without resistance deep into Rick's pussy.

"Ted, look, be careful, this isn't my body, have to give it back in an hour or so."

"Turn around Sally, I'm going to show you what it's like to be fucked good and hard."

"Not too hard Ted, she mustn't know. Mmmm, that's incredible. Harder, I want all of you deep inside me, that's it fuck me, mmmm."

"You're a little slut Rick."

"You have no idea how good this is. Fuck, make me cum Ted, please make me cum."

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