Tuesday, 20 December 2011

70's Porno Mag

Two All

"Put these on."

"They're tights - what the fuck..."

"Put then on, quick, this is loaded and I'll use it if I need to."

"OK, OK"

Tim was forced at gun-point in the soccer team room to put ballet tights on.

"Now these."

A pair of pointe shoes.

"Loop the ribbons over the front of your foot then round and round your ankle. Make a neat little knot and tuck it under the ribbons. That's it. Now the other one."

Last this. A tutu.

"What the fuck is going on?"

"Just put on the tutu. That's it. Now follow me."

The room next door was set out like a photographer's studio.

"Now I want you to stand over there with the ball and look at the camera."

"You're going to take my photo in this - but why?"

"JUST DO IT! - and smile"

The photo was taken. The gunman backed towards the door then ran out with the camera in his hand.

At this moment the rest of the team entered.

"Gotcha this time Jack."

"What's going on?"

"We had that photo taken and it'll be all over the newspapers tomorrow. That way you have to join us in the charity soccer players ballet. Its be great fun. We knew you wouldn't do it, but you're going to have to be the prima now."


The kidnap was not going to plan.

The idea was simple, kidnap a millionaire's teenage son and demand a ransom. After threatening harm, no ransom payment was forthcoming, so they tried something different.


The response was to go ahead, surgery would always sort it out afterwards.

Not wishing to be seen to cave in, they had the operation carried out and sent a photograph of the 17 year old with a fine pair of tits.

"PAY US - $10m OR we'll start female hormone treatment".

The response was once more negative. The hormones would only be temporary.

They started the kid on massive hormone injections and within days he was looking more female than male.

The kid was completely unaware of what was happening, he was in and out of consciousness as drugs were administered.

"We want $10m or you get a daughter."

No response was heard from the father, who very shortly received a gruesome package containing two testicles.

"What do we do now. Look at this kid tied up there. We've made him into a gorgeous chick and still no ransom payment. Take a picture of her; I have an idea."

"Meet you new daughter - sorry about your son. We want $10m or we'll start fucking her."

They received a letter in response.

"Dont do that. Ive always wanted a daughter, I have an older son who will run the business, but I wanted a daughter. Please don't hurt her, send her home. You can have the money, just don't harm her."

The only thing left was to break it to the kid that he was a girl now.

Side Effects

In order for the transformation to be maintained, new girls need to have a regular rush of hormones. The only practical way of doing this is to induce an orgasm when the chemical balance becomes low. The obvious consequence is that the vibrator that must be worn at all times kicks in at the most inconvenient moment.
Here we see Brian who had found an excellent position as a PA in a kids' clothing manufacturer just about to take coffee into the boardroom. She's late already and they are getting impatient. She's going to have to walk into the room carrying a tray with a massive orgasm building up inside her. She dashes in, hoping to get in and out before the moment arrives; but the extra movement makes her cum as she steps through the door. She stifles a moan and her knees buckle. A kind young vice-principal catches her and the tray. He then supports her walking her out of the room and to her desk.
"You OK Ma'am?"
"Yes - I'm fine, please go back." Brian forced these words out as the multiple orgasm was shooting through his body. She rushed to the washroom just as a find huge orgasm gushed over her. That topped the hormone level for a few more hours.

Monday, 19 December 2011


"Hi Sally, where's Rick?"

"I am Rick, Sally and I used Daddy's machine to switch for the day. Sally wanted me to sit her college interview for her."

"You're old man's machine is really cool Rick, can I have a go soon?"

"It's experimental at the moment Ted. It only works with the family's DNA. Daddy is working hard trying to make it work for everyone, but it's difficult."

"So have you told Sally I'd like to take her on a date yet Rick?"

"She's not interested Ted."

"Not interested, look I'm crazy about her - she's so hot."

"You're not her type Ted, that's the end of it."

"Am I your type Rick?"

"What do you mean - I'm a guy, no you are not my type."

"Ah - come on Rick, haven't you wondered what it's like to get screwed as a girl?"

"Stop it Ted, you're hurting me, don't touch me there, no!"

"You know you want to Sally."

"I'm not Sally, now Ted, will you please .... mmmmm."

At this point, Ted's finger had slid without resistance deep into Rick's pussy.

"Ted, look, be careful, this isn't my body, have to give it back in an hour or so."

"Turn around Sally, I'm going to show you what it's like to be fucked good and hard."

"Not too hard Ted, she mustn't know. Mmmm, that's incredible. Harder, I want all of you deep inside me, that's it fuck me, mmmm."

"You're a little slut Rick."

"You have no idea how good this is. Fuck, make me cum Ted, please make me cum."

Strong Willed

Joe was lost in his own world. He had 'borrowed' some lingerie from his mother's closet and was now dreaming feminine thoughts and slowly bringing himself to a climax on sexual pleasure and feminine softness. Joe had never been with a woman, but knew exactly how he and she would feel during sex.

He had done this before of course, but this was different. He was at a new level of intensity, his whole body and mind ached to be female, every cell in his body begged for transformation.

It happened slowly at first, he felt a wonderful tingling on his nipples and felt his chest grow. He held his new breasts in his hand and loved them. He saw his cock first shrink to nothing, then pussy lips form. He felt his hips and butt become fuller and his wait become slimmer. His hair grew to his shoulders and his neck became narrower.

Finally the change was complete. It had taken only 2 minutes, but here he was, the girl he always wanted to be, still wearing his Mom's lingerie.

"Mom!" he gasped in a beautiful sexy voice, "How am I going to explain this?"

It didn't really matter, Jo was now who she wanted to be, and her mother always wanted a daughter.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Made into a Transvestite

Mike was still locked in the attic. He had misbehaved once too often for his parents, and this time, he called his sister a whore, he was forced into the attic and dressed in sexy underwear and a short skirt.

After the initial shock and horror of being forced to be dressed like this and left alone, he next realized just how damn sexy he looked and felt. He was very hard and started to play with himself.

At that moment his mother open the door. Mike hurriedly turned away to hide his rock hard dick, but his mother had seen him.

"Sit down Mike"

Mike, carefully sat down to avoid showing his throbbing cock.

"You really like this don't you Mike. I think you're the whore not your sister. Once you've enjoyed dressing as a girl, you will always be a transvestite. That's your punishment for being rude to your sister. You will forever long to be wearing stockings. Your feet won't be comfortable unless they are in heels. You will want always to be pretty. Now finish jerking off and come down to join us to dinner."

Escape Possible

Jack was a relieved guy.

He had been locked in these shoes and corset for 3 hours frantically searching the house for the key. The mistress whose advertisement he has answered had dressed him and made him up beautifully, but had then locked him in the clothes and threatened not to release him until he had spent 6 months as her slave. All he had to do now was unlock these things and he will be free ... although, he did like the hair and make-up, so he'll just slip a dress on and escape. But then again, he only had a frilly maids dress which he couldn't wear in the street ... and he didn't really want to take off these lovely stockings.

All things considered, Jack put the key back, slipped his maids dress back on and went about his duties.

Mrs Wolford's College (No. 2)

On the large campus of Mrs Wolford's college, the long distances between buildings were not practically walked in the heels girls were expected to wear. Instead, they got about in specially designed buggies. A large dildo was inserted into the helplessly bound girl, and they accelerated by clenching it harder and braking by letting the pressure off. Stopping was always tricky at first, but girls soon learnt the technique.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Instant Sex Appeal

Tod had quickly copied a spell to make a person more attractive which he had found in an ancient library on a study trip to Europe. When he got home he settled down in his den and chanted the spell. Nothing seemed to happen at first, but then his clothes changed to the clothes of a girl.

"That's a fat lot of good" he said, but in a very feminine voice.

He grabbed his chest and he had a glorious pair of tits. He made a grab for his cock, only to feel is wither away.

"Shit, I'm a girl!", he cried out. He had no spell to reverse the process, why would he copy a spell to make him less attractive.

His new tits and pussy started to tingle, he reached to touch himself and instantly orgasmed.

"Oh my God, that was amazing.", the tingling returned, the same thin happened.

"Fuck, I'm some sort of nymphomaniac. What am I going to do".

There was nothing to do. He was stuck as a sex crazed girl.

Mrs Wolford's College (No. 1)

Entry into Mrs Wolford's college for sissy boys was very difficult and competitive. Only the most willing and subservient girls were considered and a number of trials were set for candidates.

Here is future collegiate Rick curtseying to travellers arriving at the airport. He spent 12 hours, earned $200 in tips as well as 5 telephone numbers.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

At his Aunt's (continued)

"Ricky dear, you're back from you operation. Let me see you new pussy?"

"Mmm very nice."

"It's a little tender at the moment Aunty, when I touch it, it twitches and makes my new titties, tingle."

"That's normal Ricky, now stand up and let me see those new titties of yours."

"They're very nice Ricky. Take off your skirt and lie on the bed, I need to show you something.

"OK, now pull your panties to one side and play with your pussy. It should get nice and wet very quickly."

"Oh Auntie, it is getting wet. My nipples have gone all pointy too. It feels lovely Auntie."

"Now I have a special surprise present. This is something every girl carries around with her, it's called a vibrator. Once you have made your pussy nice and wet you can turn this on and slide it inside. You will like it, I promise."

"Thank you Aunty, it's a very strange thing to do but I'll try it out if you say so."

"Oh my goodness Aunty, it tickles and makes me feel ... feel ... hmmmmppppff, fucking hell, this is incredible, jeeeeeeesus, arrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh!!!!!! what the fuck's happening."

"That's your first orgasm Rikki. You're a woman now, and I think you're going to be quite a little slut. You like nylon stockings, high heels and fucking - you're going to drive the guys nuts.


Brian held the throbbing vibrator up his butt as the head of the lodge posed with him for the camera.

"Is this really necessary to join the freemasons sir?"

"Certainly my boy, that's why we don't accept women. We let the public think we use aprons as our regalia; but actually, we prefer stockings and french maid uniforms these days. We have photographs of the greatest men in America posed just like you are now - it's a way of ensuring absolute allegiance to the lodge and the organization. I have to say, you pull off the look very well, you will be very popular at the members only dances."

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