Thursday, 10 November 2011

The Other Side of the Fence

"Can't we just stay here and make love honey?"

"No, we dressed you up in garter belt, seamed nylons and heels for a purpose, you have to experience being a sex object to appreciate what us girls have to go through when we wear those types of clothes."

"But, I can't stand up, I'm rather ... excited shall we say."

"Come here, I'll get rid of that in a few moments, roll over."

After Jerking Gerry off, and it didn't take long, Cindy wiped him clean and pulled up a try tight pair of panties to keep him well tucked away.

"That better honey, now let's get you dressed."

"I've really changed my mind now hon, lets watch some TV."

"Gerry! Unless you get into that dress and put that coat on you will not be having sex for the next year you hear me?"

Reluctantly, Gerry prepared to go out to the club with his wife.

"Now prepare to be hit on, for your ass to be pinched and your tits to be grabbed, and see what wearing the skimpy clothes you want me to wear is like."

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  1. I really love your caps. I know exactly what you mean about the exquisite pleasure of dressing as a girl (particularly stockings, a tight skirt and heels), and this really comes across in your stories. You look beautiful, too.

    Lizzie x


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