Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Hypnosis CD

Jack tried to resist with all his strength but the hypnosis was too strong.

"Now you have washed the hair remover off, rub over this moisturising cream."

It was actually a cream containing massive amounts of female hormones and a sexual stimulant.

"Now put on the silk underwear on the bed, and make sure you don't catch the stockings."

Jack was really panicking now, he tried to stop himself but he had to follow the instructions on the tape. He was now wearing the silk underwear.

"Now finish your make-up and put on the wig on the dresser"

He saw his familiar face disappear and the face of a sexy woman replace it. The hormones and stimulant were kicking in now, he wanted to resist, but he was powerless and very turned on.

"Now put on the gloves and the evening dress and heels."

Evening Dress!! The voice was making him go out like this, he couldn't, he'd be seen.

He was now in full evening dress.

"Now, call a cab and take a trip to Singles on 7th and 11th"

Oh no!

"Hello, is that Yellow Cabs, yes, this is Jaqueline Smith, could you pick me up in 5 minutes"
"Certainly miss."

What, he had called a cab - and his voice was so feminine.

"Now go down and wait for the cab. You are attracted to men. You want to get laid. You must bring a man back here, but don't let him know you are a man yourself. You must suck his cock, but must not let him fuck you or discover your secret."

Oh no! Why this! I only wanted to give up smoking. It must be the wrong self help CD.

Ted closed the door of his apartment and got into the cab.

"You're looking knockout miss, you meeting anyone special?"

"I hope so."

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