Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Married Life

Tom and his new wife Jean checked into the honeymoon suite.

When they were alone, Jean kissed Tom and said, 

"Tom, you get dress as Tina.  I'm going to show you the best sex you've ever seen."

"OK honey, it's really great you accept my cross dressing, but we don't have to do this on our wedding night."

"Tommy dear, I want to start as we mean to go on.  Now it is very important, so I want you to make yourself very, very pretty.  Put on that skimpy little orange dress and some really high heels.  Now go on and only come back when you are Tina."

"OK honey, I'll be about an hour."

An hour later Tina came our of the bathroom and heard voices.  He peered around the corner and saw Jean.

"Are here she is at last.  Tina honey, this is Rick.  He's got a cock like a horse and fucks like a machine.  Sit over there and watch."

"But I thought we were going to have sex, you're my wife dammit and this is our wedding night."

"I said I would show you the best sex you've seen ... humph, arrgh - fuck that's good, don't stop Rick.  Now Rick here is bi, and after I'm finished, we'll see to you."

"Honey, I'm not gay, I just like to dress as a woman now and again."

"Holy shit that's good Rick, don't stop please.  Look Tina, I'm concentrating right now.  Faster Rick, that's it keep going like that, oh god that's good."

"MmmNnnnnAhh!!!!  Ok, Ok, Rick, easy, don't cum just yet.  That's me done.  My sissy husband over there will finish you off with his mouth.  Won't you honey.  Remember, Tina is our little secret and we wouldn't like you boss or family to know about her would we?  Now get on you knees and suck Rick's cock you little slut."

Thursday, 10 November 2011

The Other Side of the Fence

"Can't we just stay here and make love honey?"

"No, we dressed you up in garter belt, seamed nylons and heels for a purpose, you have to experience being a sex object to appreciate what us girls have to go through when we wear those types of clothes."

"But, I can't stand up, I'm rather ... excited shall we say."

"Come here, I'll get rid of that in a few moments, roll over."

After Jerking Gerry off, and it didn't take long, Cindy wiped him clean and pulled up a try tight pair of panties to keep him well tucked away.

"That better honey, now let's get you dressed."

"I've really changed my mind now hon, lets watch some TV."

"Gerry! Unless you get into that dress and put that coat on you will not be having sex for the next year you hear me?"

Reluctantly, Gerry prepared to go out to the club with his wife.

"Now prepare to be hit on, for your ass to be pinched and your tits to be grabbed, and see what wearing the skimpy clothes you want me to wear is like."

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Hypnosis CD

Jack tried to resist with all his strength but the hypnosis was too strong.

"Now you have washed the hair remover off, rub over this moisturising cream."

It was actually a cream containing massive amounts of female hormones and a sexual stimulant.

"Now put on the silk underwear on the bed, and make sure you don't catch the stockings."

Jack was really panicking now, he tried to stop himself but he had to follow the instructions on the tape. He was now wearing the silk underwear.

"Now finish your make-up and put on the wig on the dresser"

He saw his familiar face disappear and the face of a sexy woman replace it. The hormones and stimulant were kicking in now, he wanted to resist, but he was powerless and very turned on.

"Now put on the gloves and the evening dress and heels."

Evening Dress!! The voice was making him go out like this, he couldn't, he'd be seen.

He was now in full evening dress.

"Now, call a cab and take a trip to Singles on 7th and 11th"

Oh no!

"Hello, is that Yellow Cabs, yes, this is Jaqueline Smith, could you pick me up in 5 minutes"
"Certainly miss."

What, he had called a cab - and his voice was so feminine.

"Now go down and wait for the cab. You are attracted to men. You want to get laid. You must bring a man back here, but don't let him know you are a man yourself. You must suck his cock, but must not let him fuck you or discover your secret."

Oh no! Why this! I only wanted to give up smoking. It must be the wrong self help CD.

Ted closed the door of his apartment and got into the cab.

"You're looking knockout miss, you meeting anyone special?"

"I hope so."

Sunday, 6 November 2011

A New Recruit

Richard couldn't believe it.

This was the first time he'd ever done this, his folks were out and he just decided to try cross dressing. He shaved his legs and put just a little make-up on. He then started to try some of his mothers clothes on. He pushed his cock between his legs to make him look more feminine. Then he looked in the mirror.

He just stared at himself. It was like having a pretty woman do whatever he wanted, and his legs felt so soft and smooth. All he wanted now was to show the world what he looked like and tell the world how wonderful being a transvestite really is.

Mother Knows Best

"Are you sure this is right Ma?"

"Yes Paulie dear, this is how we hid our lumps and bumps before they invented dieting. Of course you have a bump that us girls don't, but the same principal will apply."

"There we go. No lumps there now."

"Thanks Ma, what would I do without you?"

"Probably mince about like some hooker with a bulge in her pants I suspect. "

"You're very understanding Ma, doesn't it shock you that I'm a transvestite?"

"Not really dear, your Daddy was too. All I insist upon is that you dress and act like a lady. Now keep those knees tight together when you're wearing stockings."

"Thanks Ma."

Careful What Lingerie You Buy for Your Wife

Jim Supported himself against the bathtub. His wife had drugged him and transformed him into a beautiful woman; but he didn't know yet. All he knew was that he could only just breathe, couldn't bend and his dick and balls were so restricted he had almost lost feeling in them.

"Jim wake up."

"What's happening to me." "I can hardly breathe."

"Don't worry honey, you'll get used to it. I've dressed you in that corset you bought me. I thought you'd like to know what it feels like to wear."

"You won't be able to remove it honey. The knot is very tight. You'll also not be able to bend to take off the lovely shoes I've buckled on you're lovely silky legs. The stockings are holdups, and I've used a little super-glue to make sure they do just that."

"Now, if you can stand to spend a week as a sexy girl, I might just decide you have earned the right to fuck me, and I may even slip into a corset myself if you have been a really good girl. Until then, you are Jane an old friend of mine from college."

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