Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Trial

"Yes dear, they are rivets in the shoes - they're not coming off any time soon, so you had better look after those pantyhose otherwise you'll be walking around like some kind of slut. The wig is glued on, so are the false titties and fingernails. Oh - and the makeup is permanent, so will last about 3 weeks even if you scrub hard every day."

"Why? Isn't it obvious why? You've been wearing and snagging my pantyhose and stockings since you were a small boy, and now you're wearing my shoes and dresses. Frankly, I'm getting a big annoyed. It either has to stop or we get you a sex change - you get to try out as a girl for the next 3 weeks."

"Of course your friends will find it funny - but you're actually pretty hot, so it won't take them long to accept you. Now get your coat on, stop complaining and get to school."

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  1. I love this one! She looks fantastic and will be very popular at school. Another of your caps I wish I could check "Been There"


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