Sunday, 2 October 2011


A year on, Michelle has had her operation. She is still living with her mother and aunt Susan.

Michelle had not yet found herself attracted to men, she still preferred the company of women, and this was concerning her mother.

They decided on a course of orgasm therapy. They inserted a remote controlled vibrator into Michelle's pussy and then fitted her with a locked chastity device that prevented the vibrator from being removed.

They then started to give her a series of photographs. The pictures of women left the vibrator off, pictures of hunky guys activated the vibrator, and the harder she stared at the photographs, the faster the vibrator was turned up.

After 4 weeks of intense training, they took her out and as she looked at men the vibrator was switched on. If she flirted, it went faster, and if she allowed herself to be touched by a man she was given a jolt at maximum speed.

The training was complete. That evening, her mother caught her staring at a photo of a hunky English rugby player with her vibrator on maximum. She was a little embarrassed to be caught, but his mother praised her for being a good little girl.

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  1. what a great sexy outfit she's wearing xxx Jim


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