Monday, 3 October 2011

Revenge Gone Wrong

Peter woke up, he had been drugged, and now it dawned on him that he was completely trapped. His male clothes had gone, his heels were padlocked on, he was sewn into the little black dress he liked to see his wife wear so much.

There was a note on the side from his wife:

"You so much as snag one of those stockings, or brake a nail and you will spend you whole life like this. I want you to see what it's like to try to look pretty every day. If you learn to appreciate me then I might just give you your manhood back."

The trouble was - he was pretty tuned on by the whole thing and wasn't sure he wanted to have his manhood back.

After all, his ankles were as pretty as his wife's. In fact, his legs were probably better.


  1. Fine and dandy for me. Now, I'd go find a man of my own and make him happy.

  2. Here I am baby all yours to do what u will with


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