Saturday, 29 October 2011

Reluctant Model

Rick's wife was a glamour photographer and she had found him wearing some of the lingerie that she used for her models. To teach him a lesson she blackmailed him into being completely made-up and dressed.

"OK Now drop the dress on the floor Rick."

"Look, this has gone far enough honey."

"Oh there's a long way to go still Ricky dear. You like wearing my model's sexy hose, the you jolly well wear them properly. Now I'm going to get a photo-shoot out of you for the magazine. Nothing sordid, just some pin-up work. It'll be our secret. Now start posing or what I already have in the camera will be e-mailed to everyone I can think of."

"Now we both know this is a turn on for you, so lets do it. Just make sure your cock stays well tucked back."

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  1. This pic literally BEGS to be captioned, and I love what you came up with :)

    Thank You!



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