Thursday, 13 October 2011

The New School Uniform

"Mummy, can I wear this today please? Pleeeease Mummy, pleeeease?"

"Joe! What on earth are you dressed like that for?"

"Mummy, I think these clothes are much nicer than my usual school uniform. Can I wear this Mummy please?"

"Joe, no. They are girls clothes."

"But Mummy, I thought we have to be treated the same. The girls at school can wear pants, I want to wear silky clothes, heels and a skirt. It wouldn't be fair if I couldn't."

"It isn't what men do Joe. It isn't manly."

"I don't what to be manly Mummy, I love these clothes, I love the way the feel, I love the way I look. Mummy, I have to wear these - they make me look and feel what I am."

"Before we go to school Joe, I want you to talk with my therapist, if he thinks it's OK you can start wearing these things to school."

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