Sunday, 2 October 2011

An Inconvenience

"Mummy, it's got hard again, how can I stop it Mummy, I want to be a girl like you and auntie Susan. It's since you showed me how to wear these lovely nylons and heels that it keeps happening. I can't wear these pretty skirts outside because it's always getting hard."

"Don't worry dear it's quite natural. Auntie Susan will kiss it in her special way to make it go away."

"I like it when Auntie Susan does that Mummy. Will she do that after I've had it taken away?"

"No dear, when you come out of hospital you won't have this problem any longer; but uncle Jim will then be able to show you how he makes auntie Susan happy. You will like that very much."

"I'm looking forward to that Mummy."

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