Saturday, 22 October 2011

Home at Last

Jon's wife was divorcing him. She had found another man and wanted to start a new life with him, these things happen all the time. She also wanted a large settlement and was prepared to do anything to get it.

What was unusual was that she intended to blackmail Jon to settle for 80% of their estate. Jon was annoyed about this because it was her who had cheated and her who had a new life waiting for her, but she had some photographs of him wearing her underwear which he thought he kept in a private account on the computer.

Jon had a plan, he invited his friends and family around to dinner one evening. After serving them all a wonderful meal and expensive wine he rung his glass and stood up.

"My Friends and family. As you all know, Jane and I are getting a divorce. Jane has found a man she loves and I want her to be happy. I'll find another girl soon enough; but now I want to tell you all something. I have kept a secret since I was a small boy, and I don't want to keep it any more. I'm a transvestite, I like to cross-dress."

"Is that all Jon, I thought you had murdered somebody." Everybody laughed.

"Well come on Jon, we want to see."

"But it'll take an hour to get ready properly."

"That's OK, there's plenty of this lovely wine left. You scoot upstairs, slip into something comfortable and come down and show us the hidden side of you."

So Jon went upstair and decided to make a supreme effort. He did everything just right. Well over an hour later he slid the doors open and walked to his friends who had stopped talking and just looked at him with open mouths. There was a wolf whistle which broke the silence and then one person then everyone started clapping.

"Jon, you look fabulous, sit down and have a glass of this wine before it's gone."

Jane's blackmail plan was a flop, she ended up with nothing when Jon threatened to report her blackmailing to the cops. "After all, cross-dressing isn't illegal and blackmail is."

Jon is now living a perfect life. He can dress as a man or woman as he feels. Jon has started dating one of his friends, Pat, whose husbands had recently left her. She was at the party and was cool about his cross-dressing and was happy to go out with him as either boy or girl.

"So, what would have happened if 'd come down looking like a bloke in fishnets that night?" Jon asked Pat as they sat watching the fire one evening.

"I don't know Jon, we all knew you too well and I don't think that was ever going to be the case."

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