Sunday, 2 October 2011

The Guard Helps Out

Ted was travelling in a railcar when an incredible guy walked in.

"Is the carriage taken Miss?"

"No, please."

He wasted no time, after a few pleasantries he began to pet with Ted. His hand was creeping up his stockinged thigh, and suddenly Ted's cock and balls were in his hand.

"What have we here, I like a girl with balls."

They had just started to have sex when the guard entered on hearing Ted's screams.

"Be brave Miss, I have your hand it'll be fine, he's half way in already. Once you have had this man you will be able to take any. Push Sir, she wants you Sir."

"It's no good guard, I'm full already. Arrrrrgghhh!! I'm cumming now, Mmmphh and again, oh God, it hurts and it's wonderful."

"He's all the way in now Miss, he'll start to pound you next."

"Mmmmphh, oh God, I've cum again my cock is so hard, don't let him stop guard."

"FuUuUuUuUuUck - it's like being rammed by a machine. Arrgghh I've cum again."

"Don't worry about the carpet Miss, I'll clean that up later."

Changing positions Ted looked at the guard.

"I think we can manage now guard."

He eased himself back onto the enormous stud without so much as a whimper.

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