Sunday, 2 October 2011

Going Into Business

Michael woke with a start. The last thing he recalled was his wife saying she wanted to leave him for another guy. It was then the lights went out.

"Michael Darling, or as I will now call you Michelle. Ted and I have made some changes. Oh where are my manners, this is Ted, he's been screwing me now for over a year and we are to be married. Aren't you happy for us? Yes, of course I'm free to marry him. But of course, you haven't heard - you are dead I'm afraid, a car accident, you were horribly burned - I couldn't even identify the body, I was so upset. As I was saying, I've made some changes. You now have a cute little pussy and some rather spectacular titties, you look very pretty. I've been pumping you full of female hormones too, you should be the horniest little tart of the planet right now; but I've tied you up so you can't play with yourself. You'll be begging me to let guys fuck you, and that, as it happens, is my money-making plan. I am going into the whore-house business darling, very classy, very discrete and you will be my first girl. If everything goes well Ted and I will be very rich indeed."

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